Updated URL: If anyone is setting up a account ready for the when/if the Elon Musk deal goes through then I've set up to help people find each other on the other side. 1/2

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As it has only just gone live it only knows about my own accounts. It will learn more and more mappings as people use it, so check back later if your CSV is empty to begin with as it requires people to login via twitter and mastodon to store the twit-to-masto account mapping 2/2

If you've been struggling with the Mastodon login process I have just uploaded a potential fix. I think it's working properly now, so please try it again.

@diddledani Hi, I love the idea of the app and it seemed to successfully auth to my birdsite and Mastodon accounts but then it exported an empty CSV. I also tried to remove it from my birdsite integrations and their UI throws an error. 🤣

@trevorfsmith As the service is so very new it might be that there just aren't any users who have linked their accounts on that you follow on twitter. Also the CSV generation was broken when doing it serverside, so I've moved it into the browser and it's much better.

@diddledani Oh! I incorrectly thought that others didn't need to use the service in order to be found by me. In retrospect, it wasn't a great assumption on my part.

@diddledani @owenblacker suggestion, if you add the user.fields=description when you get the Twitter following API result, you could look for fediverse URLs in the bio as well as just doing a match on username (although you’d then need to have a list of fediverse instances to match on…)

@diddledani @owenblacker it may also be an idea to add a “how it works” on the page to explain that it is matching on username and caching who it knows, to save folks needing to check the code directly :-)

@diddledani @andypiper Looks good to me — and successfully makes it clearer that the reason I got half a dozen results out of 4000 Twitter follows is because you don't know to make the association, which wasn't immediately clear previously

@diddledani @owenblacker works for me, it could just be in a twisty to explain what is happening if folks don’t see too many matches (I got 3 out of ~3400 so far, but over the weekend I did some matching myself via searching inside a list on Twitter of my follows, plus references to mastodon)

@andypiper @owenblacker Thanks for the confirm, I've committed it and it's deploying to the cloud now :-)

@diddledani @owenblacker one thing there’s no built-in search for on Twitter is search in bio, which is why I suggested that when you get the list of follows, you could get user descriptions and look in there as well. The features list rapidly spirals out of control :-) nice app, many thanks for it!

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