when did it ever g0 fr0m This chick makes posts nobody really gets, cool! t0 There's context to this guy's posts that only a select few know, cool!

l00ming mantra that is I don't know something, but there's oughta be a reason or explanation. It can't just not make sense, that's a lame payoff.

what if it is just a n0n-sequit0r that d0esn't have any c0ntext linked what if that's h0w the acc0unt is meant t0 be 0bserved and thus enj0yed

t00 smart t0 c0nsider it is in fact just daring t0 be stupid like the weird al album (It's a callback)


like h0w the uncanny valley 0nly freaks pe0ple 0ut because they kn0w what a face l00ks like

What're you gonna say next , the post only must have context because they've seen other posts? yeah

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