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reGardinG that liGhtly piGmented Girl i suppose you do not like (noW you're doing it? this is When you seize the chance to talk about people in a someWhat inconsiderate Way?)

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mutuals in spirit in the way theyre a private account, do not follow your account and yet somewhat frequently interact with you

that is slightly dramatic up t0p is m0stly n0nchalant and it isnt as if the substance changed much but Your Review did shift interestingly

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but- but TYPING QUIRK?! you didn't have that?! (You did)

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Everything went downhill as soon as the era right after they figured the account wasn't an elaborate vent and right before they started applying context ended

with the hole in it and the shirt and everything

> Jokingly tell co-worker to give up smokes before starting interrogations for mass casuality event
> Interrogation flops, Tumblr bitch paralyzes me
> Lose longtime friends, saying they'll move
> wtf.jpg
> Go to maniac's art studio
> Find cool fedora
> Become omnipotent
> chad.jpg
> Few years go by
> Check up on co-worker
> Giving speech about invading city for investigation
> Look closer
> Mfw he's taking puffs while talking

Is it even worth the trouble, /b/ros?

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Agent Tangerine can be observed on 4channel spending a good* amount of time making threads she knows nobody there could feasibly relate to

Born too late to post first rule of fight club agaib born too early to have it be the first time born just in time to ponder aftermath of being yourself

That and the fact some fedi instances have trouble replying to Outlook emails (although I got the first email back so. unlikely)
i do have a foggy memory of sending another actual in but those can't be trusted can they

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