telegram is not a safe messenger! the end to end encryption does not meet the standard of element and signal, has to be switched on in single chats and is not available for groups. it also is a centralized service, as signal but at least signal is encrypted way safer. I would not recommend telegram for organizing at all. Don't want to nitpick but this bugs me a bit if there are alternatives

rent assistance begpost boost are appreciated 95/430 

Um hello everyone, I want to start raising money for rent and food (rent due feb 1). I was out of work for a month because of Covid and don’t have any way of paying for it. Since I work a student job, I didn’t receive any help. Anything is appreciated. Thank you
Rent : 335
Paypal: paypal.me/JourneiG
Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

Today's gender is determination and the sound of whale calls.

maybe we need to stop comparing people to "normal" in because being divergent from current cultural norms is probably a good thing.

mutual aid is one of the most powerful tools we have against our broken society. if we dont help each other no one will

personal growth & integrity in the left: a thread

1)I've been thinking a lot about how important personal growth work is in the left. Like specifically if we want to create futures based on cooperation and mutual aid, we need to be highly aware of ourselves, our values, our needs and limitations, and we need to be skilled in interpersonal conflict.

Hot parenting take: punishing children is pretty much never useful

Cisheteronormativity, Compulsive heterosexuality 

Really wish that sapphic and lesbian scenes stopped turnin the "useless sapphic" trope into a cutesy personality trait. Like that shit isn't cute. We shouldn't be celebrating the fact that women and enbies were brutalized by the Patriarchy to be terrified of engaging with women in sexual/romantic ways, to feel they have to date men cause theyre the "easy option" or not knowing how to speak with women sexually without thinkin theyll sound like men.

emoji spam 


sorry i was busy doing hot druid shit*

*becoming a tree

made this in response to the comments i got on the cottagecore post on insta and it seems like y'all could use this as well

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