it is 2am and i can't stop thinking about whether house md is called house because he's based on sherlock holmes and holmes sounds like homes and house = home owo

had a cool time on discord talking to someone who's helping me workshop my novel outline and she pointed out to me that i have a theme i didn't even know i had i love writing it makes me feel so clever uwu

pronoun experimentation 

hey i've been wondering if i might want to ask people to start using they/them pronouns for me as well as she/her, could ppl please reply to this using my name alongside they/them pronouns so i can see how it feels pls

I guess my issue about websites like this is that I never feel like I'm interesting enough to be justified in sharing things? I want to change that about myself but I also don't know how. Anyway, there's that...

hey, i just got here, and this is crazy... i'm on mastodon, let's interact maybe

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