When our politicians discuss the “trans question”, it’s like we haven’t learned anything from history. There is no trans question as there were no Jew question to begin with. We’ve had Endlösung enough already.
#transgender #pride #pridemonth #lgbtq #holocaust #nonbinary

Now both the adults in this household, and the 14-year-old, are all COVID positive. The only person still testing negative is the 8-year-old. Poor kid.

Now I'm playing Sun Ra.

If I live-tooted my COVID-recovery playlist, would you love it or hate it?

COVID finally got me.

I am lying in bed and listening to Autechre, as one does.

I had 2 interviews today, one for a freelance gig and one for a staff job. And this was my look.

"What made it impossible for people to read the paper was that I like explaining things with stories, and I made up names for characters in sort of pseudo-Greek letters. For example, in the paper there was a cheese inspector named Γωυδα.... Apparently, the readers couldn’t deal with it, and it caused that paper not to be read as it should have been." quantamagazine.org/computing-e

Interview tomorrow morning for a consulting gig, then another interview in the afternoon for a staff job. And today I just submitted an application for a job on which I have an inside track. (I told the hiring manager that if HR prescreens they might think I'm overqualified. I didn't tell him, "and I always include my pronouns in my cover letters now, so ask HR to forward the application so it doesn't get nuked by a transphobe.")

Nationalism is, among other things, a malfunction in the use of the word "we."

First ever COVID case in my household--Kid 1. We're now waiting on test results for the rest of us.

My anxiety had been ramping up so routinely on Sunday evenings, in anticipation of work, that it is doing it again tonight even though I'm done with that job.

Yet another sign that leaving was the right move.

#OtD 15 May 1831 a London jury found the killing of a police officer in the new force "justifiable homicide", despite the coroner locking them in to get them to change their mind. The officer and 2 others had been stabbed after attacking a workers' demo pasttenseblog.wordpress.com/20

No thanks to the treadmill
No thanks to the grindstone
There's plenty of dissent from
These rungs below
The clockwork of destruction
Hanging low over our heads
Always a smokestack cloud
Or a slow-walking death

- Uncle Tupelo, "Grindstone"

Eurovision : Europe :: Baseball : North America

I'm going to start doing :

1. Quit a bad job with my sanity, self-respect, and moral compass intact.

2. Earlier this week I got a new body butter, and I will be asking Spouse to assist with its application tonight.

3. Kid 2 drew a really cool picture of an octopus.

Quit my job today.

My only regret is that I did not make an audio recording of the CEO last week when she was going on a rant about how some of our clients were "toxic" and using the r-word to refer to students in special education, so I could leak it to the Board.

If work keeps making me roll my eyes, I risk straining my eye muscles.

It's funny how the fascists don't get that being unapologetically pro-trans is another way of saying "brits go home"

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