"The role of the Mexico State government in cultivating TERF groups goes beyond turning a blind eye to their activities. In 2021, Mexico State’s Women’s Secretariat held monthly workshops with the Feministas Indómitas Radicales and the Satanic Feminists, both TERF groups (the Satanic Feminists have since rebranded as the Catholic Feminists), and participated in at least one public Zoom call with a high-profile anti-transgender activist."


When one researches far right groups obsessed with ~gender ideology~ and sticking it to the transes in Latin America, whether it's the National Front for the Family, the Yunque or the guys who wrote El libro negro de la nueva izquierda, somehow it all comes back to the Pentagon's National Defense University, they always spent some time there

Re: the discourse du jour, I think a lot of US queers are reacting the way they are because they see kiwifarms's violence as something concrete, that could affect them or people they know, while they see Lockheed's violence as abstract, because it only harms people outside their social circles

After 2 years of exceeding my best pre-transition hopes, out of nowhere Spouse has started repeatedly misgendering me this week. Lovely.

I went to a punk show last night. A friend took this picture of me being hot between sets.

My unscientific observation: This is a hot summer, and New Yorkers are acting stupid.

I have reached the "needs to wear a sports bra on my masc days" portion of my transition.

So I'm reading the new Sandy Hook book, which mostly focuses on the hoaxers afterwards, and there's one part where one of the hoaxers takes apart these videos of the cops' behavior that day and was like THEY SURE DON'T SOUND LIKE THEY WERE FACING A MASSACRE and idk, journalists tended not to question the police as much in 2012 but...what if it was just another Uvalde?

Mastodon is good for meeting people I like from all over the world.

Twitter is OK for occasionally touching base with people I like from all over the world (but mostly Brooklyn).

LinkedIn is OK for occasionally touching base with people I have met toward whom I feel lukewarm at best.

Facebook is terrible for keeping in touch with people I know and love.

First on-site day at my new job, this is my look. I ended up going for "baddest bitch in the hospital."

So not gonna lie, I am INCREDIBLY disappointed in that JWST event.

Having the president and other career politicians introduce it instead of a science communicator was a CHOICE and *not* a good one.

And having the image on a small screen we had to squint to see? This was just a big example of how not to do an outreach event 🙄

Today was a day full of the sorts of things that I loved when I lived in NYC:
- a bite to eat (and a beer) at a small Carroll Gardens joint specializing in panzerotti, a southern Italian snack food
- an exhibit at a Red Hook gallery of art by and about Genesis P-Orridge
- stocking up on Greek staples at a market in Astoria

But I still have asthma, so a rural home is still preferable.

i love how so many spaces that present themselves as being welcoming towards all trans people really only cater to/focus on trans women lol. making memes about force feminizing everybody isn't alienating to trans mascs at all

Even if the Elongated Muskrat doesn't buy Twitter, I still like it better here.

I post less often here, but those two facts are related.

Two years ago today, I started taking HRT.

103 years ago today, Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld founded the Institut für Sexual Wissenschaft, which pioneered, among other things, hormone replacement therapy for sex/gender transition.

Two years and a century later, here I am. (No makeup or filter)

Sharing a 7-tweet thread from @ekverstania@twitter.com in one toot:

‘You’re not really trans, it’s trauma.’

‘You’re not really autistic, it’s trauma.’

‘You don’t have a physical illness, it’s trauma.’




If you’re in clinical practice and you say these things, you can now call yourself a trauma expert, because you know how to cause trauma.

#ActuallyAutistic #trans #trauma

"Respect the labor of women and femmes!"
"OK, this is my rate."
"No, not you, bitch."

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