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the "correct" reading order for (based on publication date). posting and pinning mostly for my own reference. lost the source, dm for credit

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heyy I'm Lena I'm new here. trans, enby, she or they wutevers clever. white girl living in anishinaabe and dakota land. like a lot of u I came here from IG. sex work is rad and zuck is a cuck. here's a pic of me and my baby, her name is Baby πŸ’œ

hate it when my tokens get funged, what am I supposed to do with funged tokens

pick a job you hate and never go to work a day in your life

some people are shitty and jealous about my $1800/mo unemployment but I consider it a well deserved reward for years in an exploitative industry. also I love my new life as a professional amateur gamer tyvm

LGBT stands for Liberals, Gays, Bcops and furniTure stores

I rly can't say enough good things about Anodyne 2. for instance [SPOILER] 

at one point Nova loses an important person and every so often she collapses and has a hard time getting up and moving. they turned her grief into a fucking game mechanic and I'm just crying over here

non binary euphoria 

I've been growing out a dirty lil stache and when I pull my hair up I feel like the dyke version of the trash boy I once pretended to be ☺️

lewd ish 

I remember dating straight girls and lemme tell you *those* were some "same sex" relationships AMIRIGHT LADIES


lmao remember a year ago when everyone was freaking out about how trump was leading us into war with iran?

just gonna come out and say it book 37 The Weakness (Rachel) is so far the best of the ghostwriter period of . the ending had me in tears no joke


idk wut 'chug jug' is but sometimes I get the whole tiddy in my mouth and chant "chug jug chug jug"

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