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(Queer) Fiction Podcast Chain!

Pls toot your fave fiction podcasts, bonus points if they're queer. I'll start...

The Oyster
The Penumbra Podcast
Less is Morgue
Girl in Space
The Strange Case of Starship Iris
King Falls AM (?? ongoing ??)

Wolf 359
The Bright Sessions
The Big Loop
The Two Princes
Gay Future

Bonus (not fiction, v queer):
The Heart (unprecedented queer work of art)
The Peak (my best friend interviews people about their best sex)

Pinned post hi! I’m 25, nonbinary, and queer. I make things with my hands, read, and think excessively about social and political structures and how language and structure shapes emotions and action. I’d like to connect to other anti-racist, anti-capitalist, neurodivergent queers ✨

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Sometimes a family is three people in different rooms upstairs all texting each other about the dog downstairs and I think that's beautiful

Bleached and dyed my armpits 😅💕✨ aaaaaa I’ve always wanted to do this


Work selfiesss ft my adorable coworker and new septum ring ✨💛✨

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I don't think people realize why its important to remove white supremacists from your board/forum/web community.

- They are extremely motivated.
- They have a tradition of recruiting via meme(in the classic sense).
- They have centuries of effective propaganda.
- They will take over. Slowly at first then suddenly.
- They will always create more moderation work for you. They will never stop pushing.

Every society struggles with this. And it's not some conspiracy.

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I just finished Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi (after voraciously reading and rereading everything else they wrote--yes yes i did it backward) and all I have to say is PLEASE READ EVERYTHING THEY'VE WRITTEN but maybe bring an entire box of tissues and/or multiple (washed) handkerchiefs you stole from an estate sale bc you will cry buckets

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hey cutie cutie cutie~


pssss, hey cutie


yes you~

come here~
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I'm thinking we should start a hashtag for calming photos of moss.

How does #Mosstodon sound to you all? 😁 Come join us! 🌱

Here's another photo, for luck! 🍀

#Moss #Photography

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my face, finger gun?, cat 

1) my job is stupid and pointless, 2) cramps really suck, 3) cat son is sweet and somehow helping the pain be less painful????

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it will never stop amazing me that there are two separate websites, called, respectively, "BBC Good Food", and "BBC Food"

“Spirit is what matter does.” -Pullman, “The Secret Commonwealth”

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People who make depictions of Baphomet without tiddies are such cowards

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Life hack: don't wanna go back to work? Don't! Run into the forest, eat a leaf, fuck a tree!

Ear holes are now big enough to accommodate danglies in the ear holes 🥰🧚‍♂️✨

Took my cats to the vet today and they were very sad in the car and their little sad mews just break my heart 😭 (they’re ok now that we’re home and they’ve gotten treats and playtime and lots of snuggles)

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Actually kissing your friends regardless of gender is cool and doesn't affect your sexuality

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the lesson from my first wilderness medicine instructor, for the three steps to wound treatment:
1. stop the bleeding
2. prevent infection
3. promote healing

this is broadly applicable to treating all wounds at all scales:
1. immediately address the initial wounding
2. remove remnants of the wounding that may cause future issues
3. keep the wound in a safe and regenerative environment

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