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death, car accident 

been thinking about learning to drive lately so naturally I had a nightmare that I lost control on the highway and drove off the edge of a cliff into some water

but I also dreamt about some made-up cutie last night and I very much remember touching soft boobies

it doesn’t matter what we get her, my cats favorite toy will forever be a crumpled up gum wrapper

autocorrect mistakes of the day:
horn dog was autocorrected to hot dog and yuppers became tupperware

my therapist was wearing a ‘black trans lives matter” shirt in our zoom session yesterday 🥰

sometimes when it gets super late she will yell at me as a way of telling me to go to sleep so she can 😭

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my cat stays up w/ me until I’m in bed because we always sleep together in the spot

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my wife found this tea towel at her granny's house and I can't stop laughing at it

to the hottie who delivered my weed last night;

hi 😳

ASD/ADHD meltdown 

I also used to REGULARLY drink liquids out of a bowl on the ground (yes like a cat) up until the age of 12-13yrs

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ASD/ADHD meltdown 

I regularly wonder to myself how the hell no adults put the pieces together that I wasn’t neurotypical because I just remembered this one time when I was 5 I “lost” my fork in my hand for like roughly 10 mins. 😂 and then I melted down and wasn’t able to be around people the rest of the night because I was to embarrassed.


so much bad stuff happened today but the straw that broke the camels back was my yogurt exploding on me

yes I’d like to attend an animal crossing 101 course please

I’m not a WIC user but I just think it’s messed that a program that is intended to support low income pregnant individuals won’t even let you get pickup to your car

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it’s pretty fucked up kroger won’t let WIC users get pickup for their groceries 🙃

covid, subluxation, lack of access to medical care 

one day I will know a life without permanently subluxed ribs but until ppl (government included) start taking the virus seriously I guess I am just shit out of luck when it comes to medical care huh??

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