I think any executable with its symbols stripped out should be treated as malware and not allowed to run

I must follow and collect all the Twitter countries

Imagine blocking me cause I didn't like your friend and I chose to speak out
for acting just like twitter goofballs

From Twitter:
Holy shit the new shitty follow button just made me freak out because I thought I was following a bunch of random accounts I have never heard of
Context: they've fucked the font and follow buttons and I hate it so much

It's been playing with my old iPod touch 4 thanks to several tweaks from @InvoxiPlayGames . Keep doing great work,and thanks for DoubleTweetLength

Hey I relesead my game for the game jam i was being part of, it is in portuguese but the history is mostly just to give some context for the puzzles. From what i have read it is kind hard (did not have much time to play test hehe), but can be fun!
Link: itch.io/jam/game-jaaj-6/rate/1
Hope however plays it, likes it <3

TIL It's perfectly legal to construct and operate a DIY submarine within New York's jurisdiction, provided it's registered first with the Department of Motor Vehicles

Also, a submarine is considered a "novelty craft" under DMV "Type of Boat"

Note to schools that have a BYOD policy (for the record, I'm against them, as they amplify inequity), if my child brings a Linux-powered computer to your school, it will be sufficient. If it isn't, it's your systems that have to change, not our computer. If you don't know what I'm talking about, consider this: davelane.nz/explainer-digitech (relevant even for those outside NZ).

Think i finally got the push i needed to log out of twitter for good. We shall see

There's an old and overused comedy trope about too many safety labels on appliances

"Should get rid of the labels and let nature its course" goes the refrain

Far too many people think they'll be the ones getting rid of the labels and not the ones getting electrocuted

FitMC but instead of 2b2t he's talking about homestuck lore

Multiple people donated towards the server costs (y'all are great <3) but the lack of a central place to donate was a problem, so I decided to create a Patreon.

Every contribution helps!

If you wish to donate a different way please send me a message :blobcat: :_gaysparkle:


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