Note to schools that have a BYOD policy (for the record, I'm against them, as they amplify inequity), if my child brings a Linux-powered computer to your school, it will be sufficient. If it isn't, it's your systems that have to change, not our computer. If you don't know what I'm talking about, consider this: (relevant even for those outside NZ).

@lightweight schools in the US are like this too,its either windows or a chromebook,or else you just arent compliant. And they will find ways to make using Linux harder if they can too

@fembyfox the way to fix this is to actively reject the terms and conditions of the proprietary software they foist upon our children. The arguments in my linked post could help. Organise other parents to do it too. We need to hold public education to account. It's absurd that we entrust our most impressionable minds to these callous, exclusionary, exploitative, untrustworthy US multinationals.

@lightweight Sadly not a parent,ive just been watching it happen to my sisters,as i graduated right as this was common,my dad was more than happy to just get them a chromebook. But when i have kids myself,its either linux,or they can provide my kids a computer without a giant bill,that will not touch the home network,or if it does,itll be on a VPN via VLAN

@fembyfox no problem :) You can support other parents who stand up to the inherent exploitation of our kids for commercial gain - the tech megacorps are like the Jesuits "give us the boy at 7 & we'll show you the man". Creepy AF. They want to stop people defecting to #FOSS options (which, as it happens, are both great & create boundless additional education opportunities & - get this - actual equity). But schools have to invest in it at a national scale, like they do on megacorp stuff.

@lightweight what sucks is in a COVID environent theyve been pusing super invasive test proctoring software that wont even run in a VM without arduous effort,and theres really not much alternative there,cause theyll jjust fail ya

@fembyfox yeah, that really really sucks. When people's futures are decided by proprietary algorithms and invasive software, that's when I start wanting to see some people lose their jobs.


@lightweight better believe ill be getting that software running in a vpn tunneled VM,and i dare them to fail my child for it. I dont play the schools games,thankfully pre-BYOP i was using GIMP,libreoffice,and Firefox just fine(2017 grad) and shortly after i graduated thats when things started to change,im just glad the local HS didnt get the funny idea of trying to push their SSL certs for a basically MITM for web filtering(yes schools do this)

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