Where tf are more Black and POC mastadon users?! This is so exhausting! Is there a magic hashtag I don’t know about? These hashtags are NOT working. I seem to be the only one using them. Wyt ppl share this, so Black POC users you know can find each other! Thats if you follow any on here lol! @BlackEnbys

Can you be considered a weed head if you only smoke cbd buds?

Bare feet 

A colleague at work gave me this foot spa - an unwanted gift - for free! It’s so lovely to use. I gave my feet a clay mask afterwards. I need to pamper my feet more often😊 @BlackEnbys

Friend is coming to visit me! My first visitor in months. She will also drive me to supermarket as I cannot cycle in this storm @BlackEnbys

Storm Bella is battering the NL coast right now. Went for a walk and nearly got blown across the street! 120km/ph winds are NOT to be played with. Nutters are out kitesurfing tho.

Why do some ppl have ⭐️favourites on their posts and other ppl have 🖤likes? Are they the same function?

Food. Fridge contents 

I woke up this morning to find that last night i put my frozen peas into the fridge instead of freezer🤦🏾‍♂️ 🐸 Any idea what i can make with a half bag of defrosted peas? I remember a childhood nursery rhyme about peas pudding!😂 @BlackEnbys

Eye contact. Face covered except eyes. 

NW winds brought feel-like temperature to -2ºc


Normalise giving gifts that don't cost much or anything at all

Normalise gifts that didn't come from a store or a shop

Normalise non-reciprocation in gifts and not expecting anything in return

Normalise giving gifts at any occasion for celebration or just for the hell of it, not just a few times a year

Normalise generosity

@Elizafox yes! I’d also like to normalise checking in with a person what their gift boundaries are. I once gave someone a house plant cutting that they couldn’t accept because the plant isn’t pet-friendly. My gift boundaries are: item must be non alcoholic, unscented, vegan friendly, preferably plants of any kind.

Since I've spotted a few new users joining mastodon who are black, fair warning:

⭐ 💫 join an instance with very strong block and admin policies because antiblackness is strong here~ 🌟 ✴️

folks literally tried to run a black-run instance into the ground

Selfie. Eye contact 

I was gifted this flat cap by a friend. It’s Harris tweed. I like woven fabrics and localised textile businesses like Harris. I love wearing it and its perfect to wear in the house on wintry days as i cannot bare the dryness caused by central heating.
:bisexual_flag: :heart_pride:

Lesson learned - copy paste from notes! Cant believe I still forget basic things like this🙄😂

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I wanted to edit just a couple words in my bio (Im using Mast app) and somehow ended up deleting all of it😭😭😭🙇🏾‍♂️

Twins! The monstera in my studio room birthed 2 leaves at the same time. @plants@gup.pe

Mention of the occult, demons, horror films, BDSM 

I have a thing about demons (I draw them sometimes) and I am fascinated by all things occult. I rarely watch horror movies because I’m very sensitive (HSP) and a survivor of cptsd. When I do watch horror, I literally need after-care!😂
I wish I could watch more horror in a safe way because I do enjoy stimulating experiences! As I don’t currently have a BDSM play partner, I think horror films could be a stimulating alternative. Thoughts?

Horror films, The Exorcist, exorcism, demons, Capitalism 

Has anyone watched the exorcist? I watched it decades ago and am fascinated by the deconstruction & analysis given in this podcast.
“Isn’t this evil force that’s taken over Reagan’s body, isn’t it just a metaphor for needing medical care under capItalism?... Getting medical care in the world we live in, is a nightmare.”
Is the demon in us all, our rage at living under Capitalism - I can roll with that😉 Thoughts?

Orange slices decorations. A bit overcooked😂 but they look cool with sunlight shining though!

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