Where tf are more Black and POC mastadon users?! This is so exhausting! Is there a magic hashtag I don’t know about? These hashtags are NOT working. I seem to be the only one using them. Wyt ppl share this, so Black POC users you know can find each other! Thats if you follow any on here lol! @BlackEnbys

@fimi_biscuit i'm brown, and yeah, it's just hard to find specific people in general on here. it's not always obvious, for one, and the communities are so diffuse, as well.

Isn't that a trait of a better society tho? Nobody cares who's black, white, gay or straight, etc. Everyone is human, everyone uses Mastodon

@fimi_biscuit Unfortunately a lot of black and PoC folks end up leaving Fedi after a while because it can be something of a trash heap.

I'm not comfortable tagging in folks w/o knowing how they'd feel about it, but you are welcome to look through the folks I am following and you'll find some folks.

@jessmahler @fimi_biscuit a lot of us also intentionally hide and don't broadcast where we are, explicitly to avoid harassment.

@glitter @fimi_biscuit I should have thought of that, thank you for pointing it out.

@fimi_biscuit I'm one, but I'm colorful like you are, not mainstream for sure.

@iantila Meaning I guess I'm a 'nation of one'...I represent myself only, I can be as alien among people of color as I can around whites or anyone else, I'm just me.

So you are not really answering the question then.
I'll put it differently: are you Black?

@iantila I totally answered the question...I'm a person of one, I don't politically identify with any broader group based on skin color, I've tried that my whole life and has led me into brick walls. The term 'black' is a artificial construct...I'm not defined by artificial constructs.

So you mean you are colorless?
Doesn't that creep you out that people look at your organs when they look at you?

@iantila No, it means I'm not defined by random birth genetics which I did not chose, rather I'm defined by the principles I live by.
And one thing I am is a patient kind teacher type, and goofy at times as well, but mainly loving and artistically sets us all free when used correctly.

@romainelaprophetesse @iantila I love that number, it just seems solid to me...and for other reasons that have to do with the past, certain dates and all...if we become 'friends, I'll share more...and no, I'm not 'racist', I've heard often times that number associated with racist groups..bunk that..I don't hate just think it's a beautiful numeric '77'...

@romainelaprophetesse @iantila color is important, and sure we're all trained to focus on it, but when you learn to transcend the flesh, you'll have even Nazi's wanting to kiss your pretty feet...(not joking)...spirit is stronger than flesh...

@Funnyghost88 @iantila just kidding lmfao your posts smell like iggy azalea calling herself a runaway slavemaster

@romainelaprophetesse @iantila I want to keep this positive...just think for a while, the first thing people start doing is tearing down that which they're not ready for...I want to keep it positive, I'm traveled, not some local none educated type.

@Funnyghost88 @iantila "positive" is an imaginary construct don't you know "African tribes" didn't have "positive" you need to free your mind from these made up ideas

@romainelaprophetesse @iantila Never said I was from Africa, go back to first post...nation of 1....
Read what I said, I don't identify with groups, anyone based on color...that's a losing propisition.

@Funnyghost88 @iantila There was no "losing" tribe in Africa that's an artificial colonial term

@romainelaprophetesse @iantila Like I said, when ready to 'grow' I'm here...but grow up please...later.

@romainelaprophetesse @iantila I've had helicopters land for me...don't behave like a child around me be continued...

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@fimi_biscuit not Black (I'm Chicana and Indigenous), and you've already gotten some good answers.

Part of it too is that hashtags are less pervasive here than they are on other social media. Building community takes time, but there's some people in your mentions worth following -- @ikora is a really interesting person with a great perspective on stuff :)

@fimi_biscuit we're kinda all over. I'm a brown Indigenous person. I find folks just through luck of a post getting boosted

@fimi_biscuit apparently hashtags don’t work like we’re used to them here

@fimi_biscuit most of them got ran off of here because harassment or just keep a low profile (because harassment)

We here, just quietly.

@fimi_biscuit I'm new here and I've been digging mad hard to find us!!! Glad to have come across your profile :)

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