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fdupes could really use a progress bar while deleting from a slow filesystem

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The nextcloud android app is spamming my notifications with file upload conflicts *even though I told it to stop auto uploading images*, so now I'm using a combination of jmtpfs and fdupes to get rid of all images on the phone that are already uploaded.

Have you ever noticed that nice people write better software?

It's almost as if caring about people leads to caring about people who use software. Whereas a mix of ideology and corporate wank just leads to bad interfaces that get replaced with other bad interfaces every few years.

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I remember #MrWhosTheBoss on YouTube saying that the biggest reason the modular #phone idea with individually upgradeable components will never work is... you'll get bored of the phone after a while.

That pissed me off sooo much because it just reeks of the privilege of a phone review "influencer". You can just tell he's never had a daily driver phone actually get old enough to become unusable because he gets free phones every other week

#righttorepair #technology


@Oni hey there gorgeous yourself

I think for me a home is defined by symbiosis: my own varieties of seeds that I can plant every year, my own cultures fermenting my food, my own chickens if I had those. In a similar way, mutually nurturing long term relationships with people make a home.

This makes a capitalist society the opposite of a home.

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It has been zero days since a piece of software has required me to accept the GPL in order to run it

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very cursed & moderately nsfw shitpost 

Launching 34 & Me, the platform where we analyze your DNA and show you porn of your ancestors.

@amberage I use tesseract for OCR, and then clean up the text with ispell. You may need to experiment with the resolution of your scans, IIRC 150dpi works well for me. Also, do your proofreading and note taking on paper *after* you scan it 😅. Typewriting on paper that has other stuff printed on the back usually is fine for OCR, typewriting on both sides will cause problems.

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"Die #Nordsee soll mitentscheiden können"

In Spanien bekommt eine Lagune Rechte – erstmals in Europa. Das könnte Vorbild werden für andere Initiativen zum Schutz der Natur wie der Nordsee in den Niederlanden.
Von Lena Bäunker

food (baking, not vegan) 

I'm proud of this one (no tin, 220C from both sides, 35 minutes, 1tsp sugar added to encourage rising, grated goat cheese on top).

Sourdough has a difficult reputation, but as you can see, if you get a good strong wild yeast and understand a bit about yeasts and bacteria, you can get great results from a simple process.

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@amberage I found an old advertising leaflet listing all functions (including one I hadn't figured out yet) and my Olympia Traveller de Luxe doesn't have auto reverse.

The main reason I have this model is that I think it's pretty, which helps to encourage me to write.

@amberage unless my typewriter has a secret auto reverse function and I haven't been paying attention, your ribbon should last long enough for you to forget how many pages you typed.

food (baking) 

Uh oh, the sourdough is likely to bubble out of its jar if I leave it like this overnight. To keep this from happening, feed it only flour, no sugar.

I guess we're baking something today...

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@amberage I think the only way to really reduce moderation work is to make posts not reach beyond friends of friends. Unfortunately that does not work for people who don't have any friends yet.

@amberage wouldn't this lead back to centralization? Users of new legitimate instances would find themselves unable to interact with anyone outside their instance, which makes it unattractive to join those.

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