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best gamecube zelda game? this is important information

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people who sleep are gay as hell, whatcha dreaming about dude? a man??

oh ur a sleepybutt? why your butt asleep??? a man been laying on it???

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now to put on some makeup and take some pictures in my new clothes. whether i put any online is still up in the air, but its a nice way to spend an afternoon. if there is one thing i like its making myself look pretty for no one in particular

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my clothes just came in!! i know the good feeling of getting new things is temporary, but i'll ride the high as long as i can


finished off some left over pasta from the other day, having a pretty good one so far ain’t gonna lie

re: Autism Spectrum Disorder and… gender ?? (question) + trans stuff 

@crash @sasha I also found this other article from him really interesting, it also discusses marginalized identities beyond just gender:

what the FUCK does ANY of this mean, YouTube?

Secret Lover????

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May you have the courage to break the patterns in your life that are no longer serving you

fast food bosses don't give a fuck

in the least bit

customers and employees both are just numbers to them

what happens after a guest leaves is basically none of their concern

you cease to exist in their minds the moment you drive or walk away

and obviously they don't treat their employees any better

like they have timers on the drive thrus

and they will berate workers into oblivion just to shave another TWO OR THREE SECONDS off their average order time and appease corporate

any decent person in that position would realize the job inherently entails stepping on other peoples' necks and would quit

but they care more about that timer than they do food safety or employee wellbeing or anything else

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I really don't think I can understate just how rare a quality it is for someone to actually reflect and hold themselves accountable.

It's always nice to see.

I just wish there was more of it.

good night lovelies i wish everyone a wonderful rest of their day. hugs and kisses to everyone who needs them


1. started listening to dalek universe. i've been meaning to listen to this forever, but just now getting to it.
2. had a nice chat with my sister about nothing really in particular. mostly our excitement for stranger things season 4 and thor love and thunder
3. slept in until 11 this morning which was very nice

i get those clothes i ordered about a week and a half ago in tomorrow. i think i'm gonna do a mini photo shoot that's always a lot of fun

Fuck this gun culture, man. Just FUCK it.

you've heard of masc-presenting and femme-presenting, now get ready for

A lot of kids in texas went to school this morning. 14 of them will never go home again because america says they have the right to own guns! Tell that to 14 families, the teachers who expected just another day at work educating. I am glad my grandkids live this side of the pond!

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