Cloudflare is used on so many websites. A while ago I took the time to take my website off of Cloudflare and I have written about the reasons why at

"In our daily lives, we prioritize work and then try to squeeze life in between the cracks. Or even worse, we “pay” Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with our time and attention before we pay ourselves."

ht to @brandon for originally tipping me off to this blog.

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In reality, Hacktoberfest is a corporate-sponsored distributed denial of service attack against the open source maintainer community.

"In that moment I realized what I value – the permanence of my published information – is the opposite of what they value – the impermanent ephemerality of sharing moments from their lives."

"What saddens me is how we lost the battle of publishing to the commercial platforms, in large part because we trapped ourselves in an echo chamber: the anachronism that is the blogosphere." (left bias)

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