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I've been on this instance for a handful of months but I post a lot and there's so many new people here I feel like I should introduce myself again.

Call me Smore. I'm an older than 21 shy, antigender (it/its), poly, queer-ace, anarcho-communist, mentally ill ghostkin crybaby. I love writing, reading, fiction, games, philosophy, critical theory, and shitposting. I'm a full-time technical writer. I love to interact.

Just got out of a long-term relationship. Looking for friends!

Okay, this account is over. No delete so just know I'm gone and no longer getting messages or anything here.

so out freezer was left open for too long at some point, hope my dinners don't make me sick

anyone else excited for Brood X this summer

death mention 

well, time to go risk death in multiple ways for yugioh cards

writing meta 

1. finish a draft
2. send it to people to get feedback
3. while waiting for feedback, write another draft
4. finish that draft, start a new draft

i'm doing it right, right



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what kind of restaurant doesn't sell pretzels?

my favorite thing about shitposting is what so many people who don't know what shitposting is (like think that it is


I have so many books to read. I have so many books ordered and preordered. I have a billion books years old sitting on my headboard waiting for me to read them. Many I haven't even thumbed through.

Obviously it's time to read Football 17776.

health, gross 

People are like "how can you say 2020 wasn't a horrible year for you?"

Well in 2019 there was a day when I was both shitting and pissing blood. And that wasn't even the worst day of the year for me.

And honestly? 2019 was a pretty good year.

why can't i keep jewel cases uncracked

me: i gotta stop buying books...
me, the same day: [buys three books]

are there any apps that let you easily hire goons to help you take care of the family business

wow, they STILL have comments disabled on zombie Deadspin

It's important that a society define who is "sick" so that it can determine who it is who seeks and receives care.

I wrote this in third-person because it's a best-case scenario for me.

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worst-case scenario: Smore has both the punchline and the setup for a joke and as such is free to tell it however it wishes

I feel like my entire life has been set to "In the Hall of the Mountain King," just played stretched out over the course of a life, so that when the last note hits so will the "punchline" and with that I will perish.

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