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i thought people were exaggerating how good the sopranos is

iranian seljuk box with combination lock, 1200-1201, brass inlaid with copper and silver -- made by astrolabe-maker Muhammad ibn Hamid al-Asturlabi al-Isfahani

catherine opie "self-portrait/pervert" 1994

needles, blood

covid/hiv pandemics 

and in the case of covid i have a hard time imagining anyone living a full/complete/happy life without encountering new places or people for the first time in person without fear or disgust. it's so all-encompassing. with HIV we have a preview of the range of feelings we could lose

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covid/hiv pandemics 

like some people can live *their* most full and complete and happy life without anonymous or condomless sex, and some people's most full/complete/happy life requires anonymous or condomless sex - but the former group defining themselves in opposition to the latter out of disgust shrinks their life and makes it less complete.

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covid/hiv pandemics 

i'm afraid that post-covid "socializing normally in person / going to parties / having strangers or near-strangers over to your house" is going to become something people feel disgusted by and get a sense of moral superiority about abstaining from when there's no COVID risk, the same way people feel like using condoms and barriers or abstaining from sex makes them morally superior even if there's no risk of any STI transmission. i just want to live

roger brown "contemporary de sade - john wayne gacy" 1981

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