More and more, I feel like we're in some experimental timeline.

"Hey what happens if we let a unstable narcissistic TV host become president of the United States?"

"That sounds interesting. We did something similar in the UK, and it's really bizarre"

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🗓️ Save the date for the (virtual) State of the Onion 2020: Nov. 16 @ 16:00-18:00 UTC.

We'll discuss Tor's accomplishments in 2020, plus hear from @securedrop, Library Freedom Project, Ricochet Refresh, @OpenObservatory, The Guardian Project and @micahflee.


Leftism / drama 

I made the mistake of looking at twitter this morning, and discovered that those of us who don't fetishize the 'working class' are all neo-liberals, and that we should ignore fascist rhetoric or ideas in the name of 'class solidarity'.

I'm going to go consume some porn to cleanse myself.

I really hate when folks set up this opposition between "being objective" and 'being emotional". As is we can experience the world in some impartial way. Objectivity is at best a sandcastle.

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it's bullshit how the ICANN charges a fee for every domain

gay sex/masculinity 

Masculinity is as much a construct as femininity - perhaps more so. as it's modern construct is a result of industrial capitalism. It's past time we understand that these performances are just that.


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gay sex/masculinity 

I think about sexual desire a lot, and as a gay man I've spent some time thinking about how that desire overlays with gender constructions. There's a tendency to fetishize masculinity among gay men, and some women. And while I might find some elements of masculinity sexually attractive in coitus, they can be decided unattractive outside that context.


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One company shouldn't be able to take a free software tool off the Internet that thousands of people rely on for completely legal purposes. t.co/2xc9LKdQZO

Starting to do s bookshelf cleanup. I feel like I have far too many books, and yet not enough

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Donate to every mutual aid and leftist organization you know and trust. We’re gonna need it.

Body Piercing 

Before the Covid, I had two Hook Pull / Dancing sessions scheduled. I'm really missing those right now.

I'm looking forward again being able to feel my skin pierced and flesh pulled white dancing with other men naked. There's spiritual ecstasy, freedom, and connection is such moments. And it has been a hard year without those.


People screaming and clapping outside my windows this morning. Like Scrooge on Xmas morning, I leaned out and asked what's going on?

Apparently, an elderly white man defeated a troll in the east and the people are jubilant.

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transphobia, murder, misgendering 


Funeral expenses for Angel Haynes, murdered on Oct 25 in Memphis

A revolution without bottoming is not a revolution worth having


In talking through some work issues with a friend today I was reminded how much we, as men, affect conversations with tone. And how our excitement or urgency can be perceived as aggression. Men need to consider this, as ignoring it makes any communication less effective and potentially coercive.

Effective communication is not about you or dominance, but about arriving at some consensus or action which requires understanding

uspol adjacent 

Why is it the people who claim to love freedom the most desires hierarchies wanted order the most?

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Can't wait to get these election results, so I can go back to protesting Joe Biden instead of supporting him.

ugh. Fuckin pisher DDoS attack this morning - not a good way to wake up


Regardless of who wins, this election has shown Americans are more racist and authoritarian then folks want to believe. With votes still being counted, 5M+ more people voted for Trump then in '16. These people knew what they were voting for, listened to his dog whistle racism, watched his abuse and incompetent and applauded. These people cannot be lured away policies, they cannot be enticed by progressive arguments. They are urfascists.

What do we do knowing this? How do we proceed?

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