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Alright how do I get all the cool kids to hang out with me? INTRO POST WITH TAGS

Hey friendos! I'm a enthusiast, fanperson, big ol' and nerd, and queer disaster!!

that about covers all the rainbow flavors I'm rocking I think

Come yell into the abyss with me!!

Alright, time to see if Mastodon can do the midst important part of social media: crowdsourcing answers to dumb questions

My ten year old wants a game to couch co-op with me. Something pokemonesque would be ideal, something low on boobs and blood is essential.

My boy got upset at the T&A in Digimon: cybersleuth. We're looking at probably aroace kid whose primary passions involve Minecraft. I cannot play Minecraft to save my life.

Responses/boosts appreciated!!

When the decision to take a mental health day makes you nearly cry with relief, you know it was the right decision.

Yesterday sucked, y'all.

Grief, despair, uspol 

My girlfriend is going to have to move in with their parents and my friends are looking at losing their rights and my uterus already gives me so much dysphoria and I'm just feeling so powerless to help anybody I love that I'm crying in the break room over my pad Thai

Not me looking up multifamily home prices in my relatively politically safe state to build a safe queer commune for my friends with all the 0 money I have

Roe v. Wade, racism, homophobia 

Nothing like realizing that the precedents the court is citing would take away the rights to marry for most of my friends

Eye contact 

It has come to my attention that I am hot. More on this crucial story as it develops.

Well well well good morning tooters and tootoos let's get this Friday started with a snorlax in our heads and a song in our hearts

what do you mean I'm dehydrated even my gender is fluid

Lest you think I'm the only one running around like a crazy person, Husband and I have seen each other like twice the whole week bc he's been at work or with girlfriend. We are careening towards Google calendar polyam stereotypes

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What a week. Six months with my girlfriend, first overnight with boyfriend, setting up fairy lights in one kid's room and having a video game date with the other. Plus working on game jam stuff.

I think next week I'd like to just sleep forever thank

Whoa I think I have paid time off now that's pretty sick

There now, love. Rest and let your slightly disheveled regency boyfriend care for you.

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