Alright, time to see if Mastodon can do the midst important part of social media: crowdsourcing answers to dumb questions

My ten year old wants a game to couch co-op with me. Something pokemonesque would be ideal, something low on boobs and blood is essential.

My boy got upset at the T&A in Digimon: cybersleuth. We're looking at probably aroace kid whose primary passions involve Minecraft. I cannot play Minecraft to save my life.

Responses/boosts appreciated!!

I play (remotely) Super Mario 3d World with my niece (9) and nephew (11). It's great fun.

@geekalogian I think the Lego games are couch co-op. Depends if he's a fan of any of the properties they've put out games of though.

@geekalogian maybe if you have a PS4 or a PS5 Sackboy a big adventure

@geekalogian Lego Worlds, more Minecraft, mostly not Pokémon.

@geekalogian The games I spent the most time playing with my daughter were Terraria, Overcooked and Stardew Valley.

If you want a simpler Minecraft, you can also try Minecraft Dungeons.

@jimmylord @geekalogian
Seconding Overcooked. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has couch co-op though it's a little restrictive (you might prefer trading off the controller on that one). Kirby and the Forgotten Land is cute and goreless and has two-player mode.

@geekalogian Among Us? I guess there's a little bit of blood in that but it's "cartoon blood," so not that gory. Usually that involves more than two players, though (I'd say 3 minimum). I enjoy it very much and I usually play against strangers. However, it's a "whodunit" type of game and occasionally has moments of stress; do you think that would get to him? If so I know of some pokemon-type games as well, hope that helps!

@geekalogian Seconding the Among Us recommendation, find some friends you can trust and hop in a Discord call. Mute everyone between rounds.

Alternatively, keep trying at Minecraft until you git gud.

Overcooked and Overcooked 2 is a couch co-op but a bit hectic and fast paced.

Portal 2 Co-Op is good puzzles, you might play the singleplayer first to get a handle on it though.


I was going to suggest Stardew Valley but I dunno about couch.

Maybe Factorio? Once again, I don't know about couch though, although I guess in either case you could look into separate devices on the same couch.


(Factorio has blood but it's giant bug blood so I don't know if that counts.)

@suetanvil @geekalogian Stardew Valley is great for coop if you have a large TV or great eyesight. I have neither so I struggle with it!

@geekalogian "Unravel" is a fun game that you play co-operatively. I think some levels you can only complete if you figure out how to work together, maybe? My son and I finished it together -- I think he was 12 at the time.

@uhandrew @geekalogian unravel 2. Yes it's a brilliant game. Very calm (apart from occasionally 😂) I loved it

@geekalogian Mario Kart is great fun. Not sure it matches what you’re looking for though. It’s more “gently competitive” rather than co-operative.

@kgerloff oh we've got the full bevy of Mario products. I'm looking for something more akin to like, Kirby star allies, where there's a story that two people can complete together.

@geekalogian I second Lego games. In particular Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 is really good

@geekalogian Niño Kuni - not co-op, but as a big beautiful RPG, you could swap the controller every now and again.

Also basically has a built-in Pokémon game.

@geekalogian If your kid likes Minecraft, definitely check out "Dragon Quest Builders 2". Pokemon Let's Go has actual co-op but it's a bit dull - Pokemon Yellow mechanics are just too old. "Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe" and "Super Mario Odessey" are both fantastic co-op games if you don't mind platformers. Finally, if your kid likes Minecraft, they'll probably like "Game Builder Garage".

Source: has 10 year old :D

@geekalogian Overcooked has been a super popular one here for couch based co-op play.

@geekalogian which system(s) do you need? If you have a switch, you could try Don't starve together, it has local coop on Switch at least - not sure about the ports on other systems, though

@geekalogian Kids and I played Snipperclips on the Switch. Not pokemonesque but the puzzles are fun. And if you can do playstation games, Little Big Planet has both a story mode and a mode for making custom levels, for scratching that building/making itch.

@geekalogian What consoles are you playing on?

Stardew Valley has couch co-op now and is available on pretty much every console. Similar to Minecraft in the “gather resources, do your own thing at your own pace, explore” way, with characters you can befriend. (Romance is completely optional!)

Monster Hunter might be a good choice! Watch some gameplay to see if the violence is a little too much first, but it’s another monster collector game with more realistic graphics.

@geekalogian Similar to pokemon would be difficult, as pretty much all of those are single-player games, but maybe some of the following could work:

Unravel 2
Pico Park
Overcooked 2
Rayman Legends
Snipperclips Plus
Luigi’s Mansion 3
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

@geekalogian Any of the littlebigplanet games are great couch co-op fun. Lighthearted, family friendly platformer with twists and still plenty of fun for adults.

@geekalogian LBP also has this pretty rad create mode where you can make your own levels that they might enjoy if they like minecraft. Not exactly the same but might scratch some of the same itch.

@geekalogian Both my siblings also really loved Terraria when they were younger, and I know that has co-op but I can’t remember if it’s couch co-op or if you need multiple devices.

Something like Divinity I or II is probably too mature, but that might be something worth playing together at some point. The co-op is good, and the combat is all turn-based.

@geekalogian depending on what your difficulty with Minecraft is, I recommend Pixlriffs' Minecraft Survival Guide series. The new season has a couple of prequels on controls and settings. And you can always play on Peaceful difficulty and just build.

@geekalogian The lego games. Lego Star Wars or whatever else your kiddo is in to

@geekalogian my 10 and 7 year olds have been enjoying playing Yoshi's Woolly World with me.

Minecraft Dungeons is also probably a good choice as it isn't Minecraft, it's basically a family friendly Diablo wrapped in a Minecraft skin

@geekalogian also Ring Fit Adventure, it's basically Pokemon where you do exercises during the battles. It's single player, but we turn it co-op by taking turns who is doing the exercises, and who is cheering them on

@geekalogian Best co-op games are the Lego series. Not *very* Pokemon. But lots of fun. No blood. Extremely silly. And you can drop in and out without fuss.

The new Kirby is good for a couch coop story, also Luigi's Mansion

Or online Tak... uses blocks, involves building a road to win. But it's an abstract strategy game.


Luigi's mansion
Kingdom two crowns
Lego games (although I've only played the OG star wars one)

These have been my favorite coop experiences Available on the switch that I can think of

@geekalogian you could take a look at Behemoth's game Pit People. It's goofy and though combat oriented there's not really any bloody combat.
The Untitled Goose Game has a two player mode that is hilariously fun, and there is no blood or skin at all, just lots of puzzles.


Not sure to get how asking a simple question have to be a " time to see if Mastodon can do " challenge.

@geekalogian We're not a huge gaming household but kiddo (9) and I have both enjoyed Animal Crossing on the switch. With two devices (and licenses, ugh) you have more flexible play but there are also ways to have both of you play on one island.

We've also played Among Us and have used Board Game Arena as a family - virtualized board games, you can play closed or public tables and there's hundreds to pick from.

Not sure what pokemoneque means but im gonna put this one out there.
Broforce. Its a chaotic smash and grab game that I enjoy with my friends.

@geekalogian I know Dead Cells and Hollow Knight work pretty well with a 10 year old.

But personally I'd recommend something more isometric and RPG, like Chrono Trigger maybe. I believe there's a remake of Chrono trigger on Steam.

@geekalogian I really recommend overcooked 2, it's a fun coop game

@geekalogian Pocket Tanks is a pretty straightforward game with very stylized graphics and straightforward (no "buy stuff" powerups, etc) gameplay:

@geekalogian How couch does the couch have to be? eg. is LAN acceptable?
I'll throw PLATO (Play Together) down regardless, DOS-era block pusher co-op, good stuff. Very hard, very simple. Good luck finding a copy.
LAN: Din's Curse, ARPG (Torchlight, Diablo, etc.) but more tactically interesting
Jamestown, shmup which works with many inputs. Like... 3 on one keyboard, 2 on different mice, 1 on a joystick. That kinda craziness.
LAN: Trackmania is always good for a laugh.
Shadowgrounds, though IIRC it has some issues. I also can't recall if it actually supports local co-op so it might be in LAN.
LAN: Sins of a Solar Empire, low-APM RTS, it's still high-tension but you won't get RSI in the process.
LAN: WC3, still good as long as you avoid Refunded. And if you somehow don't have keys by this point, just pirate it... Blizzard have shown quite clearly that they want to ruin everything they have. Don't get trapped in being part of it. Latest pre-Refunded patch was 1.28 or so.
LAN: Xonotic, high-speed arena shooter. Depending on what troubles you with Minecraft (motion sickness?), maybe not a good idea.
Some form of Worms, but stick with the 2D for best experience.
LAN: OpenRCT. I haven't played it myself, but the premise sounds neat.
LAN: Alienswarm, and I kinda recall some other game that followed it (in popularity and style) shortly... Hmm, what was it... I think it wasn't Helldivers.
LAN: BloonsTD... 5-6. The co-op mode kinda sucks though. :/ Co-op TD hard
LAN: I think DoW2 has a co-op mode of some kind, at least it has Last Stand mode (in Retribution, also it was released as a standalone) where Windows, specifically, can't crossplay with linux/Mac, because AI decisions calculate differently and cause desyncs. It's specifically 3p though.
LAN: EYE: Divine Cybermancy for the wildest fucking sourcemod you'll ever see. I killed my mentor, yet i am not his murderer, and my legs are OK. FPS which suffers from headbob and motion blur IIRC (dunno if you can disable those), and an eyebleed font for UI (and it was worse at launch lol)
LAN: Factorio, but again, depends what it is about Minecraft that bothers you
LAN?: Outland. I never actually played its co-op so I don't know anything about it. Platformer.
LAN?: Unrailed. 4p train-track building party game. I haven't actually found people to play it with, sadly.
LAN: We Were Here. Also something I really wanted to play. Some sort of exploration/mystery first-person thing where you can't meet each other or something.

lol, normies.

Troon spotted
@geekalogian I misplaced OP and wasn't sure how you were in terms of gore, so chuck a caution on Alienswarm and Xonotic, and uh... Maybe EYE. Everything else should be fine.

Unfortunately I don't know anything more Pokemon-like. There is Pokete but I think that's SP only. (But hey, totally-not-pokemon in your terminal.)
@Zergling_man @geekalogian i found this pokemon clone recently

stardew valley is always adorable.
@Zergling_man @geekalogian 3 player. but OP asked for couch co-op. but minecraft doesn't have that either :blobcatwaitwhat:
@geekalogian I've enjoyed playing Kirby: Star Allies on Nintendo Switch with my 7-year old, no boobs and blood involved.

@hypolite @geekalogian star allies is quite crazy graphically, the new game has much more tame graphics regarding effects.

kirby games are almost always great though :)

@bonifartius @geekalogian With four characters on screen it can get pretty hectic, but the game is pretty forgiving so it doesn't feel unfair.

@hypolite indeed it is, i played it mostly in handheld mode and just mashed buttons in some moments. still fun, cute and enjoyable!

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