German politicians on Trump/us election 

Christian Lindner, FDP (smaller party, stands for liberal markets and "small government") - translation by me

"Not every disagreement with the USA is going to go away now, but there is the chance for a reboot of the transatlantic relations. We europeans should use that"

German politicians on Trump 

Lars Klingbeil, SPD (second largest party, social democrats)

"Democracy is great!"

German politicians on Trump 

Translation by me. Friedrich Merz, CDU (a fairly conservative and most influential party in ger)

"The world heaves a sigh of relief. With [Biden] there is a chance that Europe and America will cooperate better and again stand for peace and freedom in the world together"

us pol 

The reason why still about half of america is willing to vote for a powerhungry anti-democratic autocrat is because fascist propaganda works.

That's why it is so dangerous.

US election 

I just can't wrap my head around why so many people keep voting against their own interests.

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