Why are there so many queers in this "rural" suburban Ohio Walmart?

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Being a disowned trans lesbian step mom on Mother's Day is like standing in the middle of all the discourses at once.

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I have this really sinking feeling that a bunch of people who were fighting against anti-trans bills and the "don't say gay/race/trans" bills are going to suddenly forget about these things and pivot solely to abortion, leaving a bunch of people to suffer in the process as these bills go largely unopposed by those with the most power.

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Really cool to find out I've been under dosed for 2+ years of my hormones and my levels are so low at the peak of my weekly cycle. At least now I know and can adjust, but it's hard not to see that time as wasted, y'know?

I know nothing about motors or mowers and just fixed a lawn mower. Through gay audacity, all things are possible.

Anyways, I'm Julie, a 30's-ish queer polyam trans lady who works as some sort of a finance type person at an organization that helps queer peeps. I'm also a "really good ally" to my plural/system friends.

:kitten_knife: Oh yes, I'm definitely in the right place now :blobcatstabbystab:

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People acting like the switch can't be done annoys me. My LiveJournal is literally 18 years old. I've seen some shit.
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Older twitter users who have lived through geocities, web forums, livejournal, myspace, tumblr and twitter, finding out that it may be yet again time to change platforms


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