I swear I've never seen a sassier dog; I love him so much

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Had a great day yesterday! Terraria is a lot less overwhelming with the use of an intelligent bot!

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Without looking it up, how much RAM do you think the Atari 2600 has? I'm really curious how much people ballpark, and how far off they are, so please boost and don't post the reply in the answers.

I must be on my 13th rewatch of Stargate season 5

Oof. When you put the tv on in the background and you suddenly notice you've gone through 2 seasons and you're worried about rewatching it and having your subconscious come bursting through the door to spoil everything... I need to stop ruining what might have been good shows this way...

Trying to get back into any sort of game but depression apathy and disordered attention make it real difficult hnngg I'll try Starbound

My first toot! I haven't used any social media in at least 5 years. I don't know what I'm doing. Maybe I'll find some people I don't mind interacting with. Hell, maybe I'll find some people I like! :apartyblobcat:


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