i just learned that the very first video game competition was won by a trans woman

i just watched a commercial advertising tea for men that made me not want to drink their tea. this is affirming of my non binary / fem personhood.

i build up the courage to make a phone call for over a month and then when i actually make the call it’s on a week day that the office is closed. this happened to me twice now. grrr

being queer is when u make up ur own rules to then immediately break them

body dysphoria 

i like to plant and hug trees and i like to cut them down. also i like my body just the way it is and i wish i had a vagina.

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body dysphoria 

i keep buying larger and larger chainsaws to compensate for my flat breasts. someone help. this girl likes to saw trees literally.

everyone is looking for something but you can’t find what you already have. love yourself just the way you are and watch yourself bloom.

if you must get married marry the person who you can disagree with and they still assume the best of you.

Gender is a social construct! What's in my pants does not nor should it effect what I am ""allowed"" to look like.

religion punk 

Jesus did something more profound than christians know. he was god and died therefore killing god. then comes back only to say look i gotta go so i can leave you with my holy ghost. what is a ghost but the presence of an absence. christians have been punked all these years.

my relationship with clothing ranges from i can’t stand to be touched by them why can’t i just go nude everywhere and feel the sun and breeze on my skin to when masks aren’t needed can i still wear one for comforting purposes

found this in a box of stuff given to me by a friend. i wonder what year this version came out.

begpost, pls boost 

hey so i hate doing this but after covering rent bills and food my bank account is about £500 overdrawn uhhh any help is greatly appreciated <3
my paypal is paypal.me/laurieowo

my brain: i need more coffee!
my body: we actually do not need more coffee. can i suggest a nap or an apple maybe.
my brain: that’s weird i thought i heard something

a transfeminine person wearing a pants suit and tie is just a woman in a suit

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