covid lockdown, mh+, celeste 

decided to lean into it and relive the better parts of lockdown, so i went for a walk and am playing Arphi's D-sides

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covid lockdown, mh- 

in honour of the queen everything is closed and I'm having residual lockdown anxiety. it's what she would have wanted.

covid, masks 

a positive result of covid is that when i have a cold i can wear a mask and it's socially understood. i wonder what the health effects of normalised masking up will be.

drugs, cop shit 

someone came to my door asking me to sign a petition for more CCTV cameras, to stop "the heroin and crack cocaine". scandalised that i wouldn't sign.

today is my 34th Three Good Things post, meaning I now have proof that at least 100 good things have happened to me 🙂


here's the tool! I've never coded XML writing before so it was fun

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wrote a "feedifier" for m15o's journal format in python 🙂

meaning three good things now has an Atom feed!

(If there's any weirdness please ping me, I reverse-engineered it from the output of the tool lol)

I've stopped posting my three good things on here 'cos it felt a bit spammy(?) but if you want to read them you still can!

I'm going to put together an RSS feed for this too when im back home ☺️

finally figured out why my journal titles weren't showing correctly: the header in the navbar was being used instead!

doing a course on data visualisation, the first unit mentions the ethical problem of choosing topics to study and how to make graphics responsibly - super interesting!

unsurprisingly the response from some of the other participants has been... less than positive.

but i'm happy! i love ethics! 10/10 would recommend

Three good things 

1. Did some yoga this morning - my back is almost back to normal!
2. Got out pens and paper to do some drawing.
3. Organised some social and date nights for the rest of the week ☺️

I was messing around with subdomains and found my little cribbage scoring app! I didn't even realise it was still live!

It looks like that because it was also meant to be a KaiOS app - I think it's a cute style, maybe I should experiment with it more :)

Three good things 

1. I went for a walk through parks and churchyards, saw some anti-fascist art and interesting buildings.
2. I did some yoga to ease my back off and re-centre myself, it really helped. I should do it more often.
3. I had a coffee and a read, starting the Tao Te Ching and the Air issue of Cunning Folk zine.

had to cancel social plans, so today is misc. chores day. tidying round my real and virtual worlds.

Three good things 

1. I went for a walk to ease my back off and picked up some cool-looking zines from a local bookshop.
2. Started watching Revolutionary Girl Utena 🌹
3. The weather was really nice today, it's finally started to cool down so I wore some flannel and felt almost autumnal!

Three good things 

1. I finished the final assignment for my Python course and got started on something else.
2. Listened to some really good music including the new Mountain Goats album, think I may need to revive the (shortly lived) music zine!
3. I did some stretches for my back and made a lot of time to rest.

Three good things, surgery 

1. Had a super productive work day, got lots of required stuff done and some more Python learning.
2. Played some badminton and met up with friends (and tweaked my back 😭)
3. One of my family members had some minor surgery and it went well, just wonderful news!

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