not getting much interaction on my posts lately lol, I think I finally wore out my welcome with my hyperfixations

no matter, i shall continue to scream into the void

"trans girls are too strong to play in girl's sports"

let me tell y'all something

there were two instances (a month before I started HRT, and 1 month after) where I had to lift up a twenty-something inch plank of sheetrock while helping my dad renovate an apartment

the sheetrock felt HEAVIER for me to lift while I was ON HRT than it did before I started

why the fuck did this happen? the hormones trans girls take make them LOSE MUSCLE MASS

stop making bullshit excuses to take away our rights

I think people underestimate what the IRS already has access to.

They know everything you've made via your employer's reporting and financial firms with KYC -- it all gets reported direct to them. So ignoring the lunacy of the "filing your taxes" nightmare in the USA which is pointless ...

because they already know exactly what you owe anyway, and anything they don't know about they can't force you to pay

And they can also see directly into your bank accounts. Go ahead and call up an IRS agent and ask. My friend had his auditor confirm.

and if you're being audited, there's no reason to panic. Ask them to send you all the documentation on what you owe them which they have to provide you by law. And they will.

And then bleep bloop you have everything you need to remediate the issue. There's no risk of you not paying something that they know you owe because now you know exactly what they know.
Stop calling it an “Adam’s apple”. It’s called a ‘larynx’ and everybody has one - just people with more testosterone and less estrogen during puberty tend to have a more visually pronounced larynx. It just perpetuates religious nonsense (Adam ate the apple causing humans to learn shame) and literal untruth (everyone has a larynx).

A quote from The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin 

"They're afraid because we exist, she says. There's nothing we did to provoke their fear, other than exist. There's nothing we can do to earn their approval, except stop existing--so we can either die like they want, or laugh at their cowardice and go on with our lives."

Feeling overwhelmed with how many things are horrible and on fire, and I just really hope whoever you are, wherever you are, you have a Treat planned. And are drinking enough water. And maybe see a cat today.

In addition to the there’s a brand new bright object in the sky!

Novae AT 2022rbl was *just* discovered on August 8 in the Cygnus constellation and is likely still brightening.

Take a look! 🔭

RA 20h20m06.35s
Dec +39°50’05.86’’

So clear skies, warm evening, Perseids meteor shower peak night, fish eye lens, camera, camp beds and a clear view of the sky

A night of sky watching ahead the only thing missing is a first contact situation fingers crossed 👽

So clear skies, warm evening, Perseids meteor shower peak night, fish eye lens, camera, camp beds and a clear view of the sky

A night of sky watching ahead the only thing missing is a first contact situation fingers crossed 👽

Me complaining again again 

I'm starting to rethink telling people when I do stuff.
I'll manage to do one thing I want to after careful spoon management and then suddenly I have people one me about "Prioritizing tasks" when the "task" is often more work than the one thing I actually wanted to do and barely was able to.
I've gone to one whole party in my adult life and I still have people going "Well you managed to go to a party, so you can do this."

mental health suicide mention 

Whilst I am good at the moment and in no way want things to end what with the medication and the therapy and me as it happens, the energy required to stay present on this earth is significant and I salute 🫡 everyone who has managed today, I could do with more 🥄 spoons today 😴.

1 managed to get to hospital appointment today 😋😝🥸
2 did not collapse in a shaking heap
3 managed to communicate coherently

I fucking rule, high five 🙌

Every so often I get imposter syndrome about my #neurodivergence

And then I read something that blows that out of the water 😊

Sydni Rubio’s listicle on #ADHD is an example

I was particularly intrigued by number 12 – my eyes have always jumped in and out of focus or darted around 👀

Don't let someone dim your light, simply because it's shining in their eyes.✨✨✨✨

Good morning y'all! :blobwolf:

Have a good day, filled with love and joy.

Always remember you are loved, and that you matter.

If it's not a good one for you, I keep my fingers crossed for it to be better tomorrow. Don't give up, sunshines! ☀️

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