Happy Glorious 25 May, comrades!

Here's to Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love and a Hard-Boiled Egg.

Introducing the official Mastodon.lol NFTs! 


Facial recognition AI is another area of tech that gives me the ick. It has issues around surveillance and civil liberties and especially race. The databases they use to train the AI are very biased to white faces. Applications which pretend they can judge emotions, capability or trustfulness are straight up futuristic-phrenology. It's using your phone camera as a pair of calipers. And now this:

(Keep wearing masks, folks)


This interview is so quotable I want to read it twice but it is long and with lots of details of critique of #crypto definitely worth a once through for everyone though. www.currentaffairs.org/2022/05…

I am going back to God's Own Country for a bit and am using 'tidying up' as an excuse to shovel handfuls of mini pretzels into my mouth and finishing the last of the wine before I leave. An excellent tactic, I'm sure you'll agree.


Briefly went on the Birdsite, saw a 'socialist' nitpicking a speech and tone policing a fabulous activist, got cross, logged off.

Twitter really is built around addictive anger...

Eurovision, Ukraine 

Happy for Ukraine. Their song slapped and their outfits were cool.

I hope Putin is pissed off. I hope all the crank conspiracy theorists backing Russia are pissed off too.

We stand together.


Eurovision has quite an ominous occult energy this year and I'm here for it

Protest, Scotland, abortion rights 

Protest Roe V Wade TODAY in Edinburgh at US Consulate on Regent Terrace, 2pm!

hey, this nonbinary youtuber's making a video about queer joy and wants folks to submit a short clip describing something that gives them queer joy; here's a submission form if that sounds interesting or fun:


I'll be glad if crypto becomes unviable. It's a nasty, grifting ecologically destructive system designed to make a tiny minority rich.

But I feel really sorry for all the ordinary folks who've gotten pulled into it, hoping to escape the misery of late stage capitalism. Who will give them hope now?

To all the fence sitters.

Being apolitical means you choose the establishment and the right.

the only NFT I wanna hear about is Nap Fuckin Time

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