I'll be glad if crypto becomes unviable. It's a nasty, grifting ecologically destructive system designed to make a tiny minority rich.

But I feel really sorry for all the ordinary folks who've gotten pulled into it, hoping to escape the misery of late stage capitalism. Who will give them hope now?

@internetnerdgrl meh, we could say the same thing for the current financial system


@vikinghoarder just because crypto is a super-charged version of the worst bits of our economy does not mean it's the same. It's speculation based on nothing, exploitative in the extreme and full of security issues and potential for abuse. It's a mess.


If by fiat you mean government currency, it's not a speculative investment product. It's valued and managed by governments. Crypto currencies aren't really currencies.

I see from your profile that you are invested in this system.

We are ideologically opposed. Being against 'fiat' things - ie government and regulation is libertarian philosophy and I think it's morally wrong. So. Best of luck.

@internetnerdgrl wow, you are quick to judge and label.
Best of luck as well.

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