It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong. - Voltaire

They are now very happily bopping themselves to sleep to Brass Against.

uspol, cops 

We were joking about teaching our twins to say, "Fuck you, pig" to cops and one of them just looked up at me with a huge, shit-eating grin and said, "uck oo!" We're very proud.


URGENT crowdfunding for homeless woman’s food and transportation, $100 goal, boosts wanted

Tatiana needs $100 to get food and travel by Greyhound Bus from Vermont to NYC.

Anything helps, especially to help her eat!
Venmo @Tatiana-Toplitz18

So the twins decided 7am was a great time to wake up for the day. On our day off. Super cool, tiny jerks! IT'S NOT LIKE YOU KEPT US UP UNTIL 3AM OR ANYTHING


Oh shit, looks like I get the vaccine before I go back to work! Happy holidays to me, and good to see that healthcare workers are starting to get done protections.

anyone in reno/sparks area with a 3d printer I want to 3d print a present for my sister. please boost

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It's a living blanket kinda morning, apparently.

PDX (SE Stark), stolen vehicle, cop mention, please boost 

Our truck just got stolen, if you see it, please reach out.

Our truck is a dark grey F350 diesel, with our bunk bed and 5th wheel hitch in the back, license plate #806-AQH (Oregon plates).

There were two yellow-lid tubs in the front passenger seat, and we have an aluminum box on the back that was secured with a single bungeecord.

Please boost.

If you know of any resources to help find a stolen vehicle like this please call it out...already putting in a police report, but are assuming they'll do basically nothing...we depend on our truck for work, housing, and...

...idk, everything?

Hi all! I'm brand new to Mastodon; thanks for letting me hang out! I'm a fiber nerd living in a west-coast anarchist jurisdiction and working in healthcare admin. Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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