Oh nice apparently it's time for a high anxiety day.

Having ADHD is being able to do really good work but only after the deadline has passed and you do the week's worth of work in an hour under crushing anxiety.

My cats do not understand daylight savings time.

I've been rowing daily for the past seven days and I've got the blisters to prove it. Hopefully these turn into calluses quickly so I can start going longer distances.

IDGAF what the pope has to say. Mainstream christianity had it's chance to lead acceptance of the lgbt+ community and they didn't. History shows that mainstream religion follows progressive social change instead of driving it.

I now own a rowing machine. Did 2K yesterday to start learning the form. Hopefully I've found an exercise I can stick with this time.

Today I'm annoyed with the trend of laypeople speculating about people they think are acting weird by assuming they are "on the spectrum". Not everyone that acts odd is autistic. You're not qualified or educated enough to make that assumption. There are other neuro-divergences that aren't autism and also some people just act a bit weird without having a diagnosable condition.

okay so if someone tells me their mastodon @ in the format @username@[server] is there an easy way to follow them by just copy pasting that or do I have to go to [server]/@username to do it?

all i know anymore is super mario bros and be a himbo

I've been growing some dragon tongue beans and they look really cool.

If you're gay and you see candles on sale you gotta buy some it's in the rules.

Rosemary focaccia is in the oven getting nice and tasty before lunch.

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