Jerry Hu boosted ‼️ 🛬 A new delegation of the US Congress has arrived on Taiwan. A delegation of the American congressmen headed by Ed Markey visited the island during their trip covering the Indo-Pacific region, reports the American Institute in Taiwan.
According to the statement, the delegation "will meet with senior Taiwan leaders to discuss US-Taiwan relations (more) #Ukraine #Taiwan #US #News #War #Russia #China #Iran

Never had I felt so sad about the appointment cancellation.

It was a general notary work for POA at a medical center.

Being a notary, I have the privilege to meet people in their “most important moments of life”. Buying the first house, applying for birth/death/marriage certificate, signing prenup or divorce paper, or Signing POA or advance health directive. I am grateful that my clients trusted me and shared their life with me. But today, this is a moment that saddens me.

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