it is kinda interesting how France has a whole council dedicated to preventing words from other languages becoming commonplace in french, and working to substitute their own purely french language terms.

like how the word "internet" has worked its into so many languages, but in France they only know it as "Téléphone du Perverts."

i get the clients really want a feature done, charles, but you are trying to squeeze blood from a stone my dude

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goddamn we lost 20% of the workers but we absolutely did not lose 20% of the work

other depts are throwing new projects at us and setting deadlines like we still have a full team, like come on bro

typed in "low sodium fast food near me" into google and got a single result that isnt a link it's just text that says "you dumb bastard"

fediverse expectation: social media without algorithmic corporate torture nexus

fediverse reality: hell is still other people

~ homestuck isnt ðat good tbh, read sweet bro and hella jeff instead, ðat's high art .

love to start faving and retooting stuff on my feed and realize like 10 minutes in that i'm looking at toots from a day ago

If two white guys start a restaurant or microbrewery together they are fucking no matter what. Unconditionally.

keep in mind: mostly old people browse news sites

on a site where most articles i see have like 2-3 comments per article, this one has a whopping 92 comments, and i think the takeaway is that old people really like social security

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lol so i will sometimes browse news sites because i hate myself and my brain

there is an article right now on marketwatch dot com about a republican senator who wants to basically get rid of social security

my "the beautiful background art of code lyoko" video is done!!!!!

i think it should be possible to appreciate this even if you haven't seen the series

it's a shame we decided a cellular telephone should be called a cellphone and not something more whimsical like a cell-tel or something

so called anarchists when i install arch on their computer

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