it's a shame we decided a cellular telephone should be called a cellphone and not something more whimsical like a cell-tel or something

so called anarchists when i install arch on their computer

Listen buddy, the only kind "row" vs "Wade" debate I care about is what method is the best for reaching the FISHING HOLE

lazy ass machine learning scientists today just wanna make artificial neurons and train them to recognize hentai or whatever

what happened to predicate logic in AI? huh? what about an AI that can *prove* hentai???

i tried to sculpt a rose first but realized it was pretty difficult so instead i made a quick little cherry blossom :3 #art #3DArt #3d #NomadSculpt #creativeToots #MastoArt

i mean i guess nobody born in the us is "always a communist" but whatever lol

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oh shit lol, just found this on discord, was hussie always a communist???

Quick reminder that old games weren't as pixelated as you may think they were because CRT monitors had built-in antialiasing, so modern displays shows more of the blocky pixels than you used to see.

You can especially see the difference in the hair and jacket of the attached examples using Beltiana's character profile from Batsugun.


usually work remote, but was going to try and go to the office this morning

and when i was almost halfway there my wife called me to tell me that the dog and cat were literally crying because i wasn't there

so i am back home lol

i think we should not censor michaelangelo's david. art is art *the crowd cheers* in fact, i think we should make the dick bigger *the crowd boos* okay, fine, we should give him a pussy instead

cool let's punish like 1% of the population, and like 90% of them likely agree with you that things like imperialism and patriarchy are bad

who does this help? what does this fix???

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just saw a tiktok about how individual white people shouldn't be allowed to be non-binary since the collective White People™️ exported patriarchy and the gender binary across the world via imperialism

tiktok libs please PLEASE touch grass

fuck I have so much to do but I just wanna play death stranding

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