this is my fault for wondering what the reddit narrative of the whole thing was

never go to reddit

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the nordstream bombing 

like I won't even say it was 100% the CIA that did it but jfc just a little bit of critical thinking is all I ask

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the nordstream bombing 

it is insane to me that the narrative over the pipeline bombing is Russia blew up their own pipeline

and they did it to send a message to western europe AND/OR Russian oligarchs

and they didnt blow up the new Baltic pipeline even though it was only 100 km from where the bombings happened

and also despite the fact that if they wanted to blow up the pipelines they could have done it right off their own coast instead of next to Germany and Poland and Sweden

marxism but instead of "das kapital" its "das kapacitor"

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sorry dialectical materialism is for dorks, I only study dielectrical materialism

@vriska thats right

he's trans, he's ending his netflix subscription, and he's under investigation by the justice dept

I love looking on youtube for how to change stuff on my car

the top result is always some guy named jeff with like a hundred subscribers and he hasn't made a video since 2015, but the algorithm chose one of his videos randomly

i like to make the rare psycholonials post, you mfers don't get the mercy of forgetting

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i'm like in disbelief here

he only needed 100 foreskins but he decided fuck it, god is on my side, 200 foreskins... whattttt

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