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alrighty then:

hi I'm Josh

I'm an artist making work about public spaces and edgeland environments and putting the work back in public spaces and edgeland environments. You can see it here:

I have Cystic Fibrosis, and recently stopped shielding after 765 days, so I'm gradually settling back into Living In The World as one gradually settles into a hot bath

I live in London, UK, I like midwestern emo, and watch far too much motorsport

ok, hope this'll do

Decided that when I stopped shielding I would get my hair treated and my head massaged at the local art salon so I did that today ✅

@honor update on the fish bar: the fish is banging and I honestly think they do the best chips I've head in london, maybe anywhere, I regret not going before now

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Spotify: Here's some new music we think you'll like

Train sound effects

Me: Oh fuck yeah. This album might be the best of 2022 so far fr

words, combined with the human ability to believe pretty much anything, are literally the magic force of our world. they're way too powerful. someone should stop words.

@honor had a flash of recognition scrolling ur tumblr when I saw this pic of the fish bar which is 2 mins down the road from me

sleeping in
loneliness and solitude
of the pacific

Earnest thought I just had:

"Fuck I love calenders"

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