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“The light-soaked days are coming”

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Gmail, for some reason, decided that an email newsletter needed some Smart Reply buttons, and the suggestions are... not good.

I did it! Yay!

It took way longer and way more scotch tape more than I thought, but I did it!

I’m never taking it off.

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I’ve been trying to put on a bracelet for like 40 minutes… Maybe I should just ask my mom for help in the morning.

I just decided to play for the first time in years, and wow, there are a lot of bots. Perhaps relatedly, it’s also more unpopular than ever.

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burnana food crime poll 

should i make a burnana

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The only downside to falling asleep with an audiobook on is that you have no idea what happened when you wake up

Would it be a bad idea to clone a Git repo in /usr/share/caddy if I hide .git/*?

Then I can “deploy” my site by running sudo (gasp!) git pull every so often.

It started working after I set the SSL/TLS encryption mode to Full (strict) in Cloudflare settings.

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The HTTPS version of my site redirects to the HTTPS version of my site, which redirects to the HTTPS version of my site, and so on until it gives up and dies. Fuck.

I'm using Caddy, btw. If anyone knows what I am doing wrong, I'd appreciate the help.

Now all I can think about is imagining what one epic, seven-minute-long Superbowl ad for Tailscale would look like.

I think I’ve finally gotten used to my phone having a 120 Hz display. I just tried to disable it, and the animations look unbearably laggy.

Functional React components feel magical to me (and not in a good way 😬). I know how to use them (as well as hooks like useState and useEffect), but I don’t know how they work.

One day, we won't have to rely on Lodash to ergonomically get a random value from an array.

Today is not that day.

Companies that provide amazing support are underrated.

My left AirPod is at 91%. My right AirPod is at 0%.

Because that makes sense. (It does not make sense.)

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Using a 6’ charger is every bit as nice as I remembered ☺️

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