ok so people talk about photogrammetry to capture objects in real life and turn them into 3d models but i started wondering if you could use photomode in 3d games to copy objects in those environments to capture as 3d models to use in your own work… kinda as a form of asset theft meets asset swap.
(disclaimer: i know this is terrible but the idea of it made me laugh.)

@justtesting @alienmelon (I was wrong, 3D ripper is dx only. But the page links to other gl and dx9 ripping tools)

@coolpowers @justtesting thank you for that! these are so fascinating! just conceptually that there was a need for that and what 3d spaces mean to people. lol it’s so weirdly arbitrary too (in a very cool way), like 3d “copies” real life, but then we have a need to replicate that replication.

@justtesting @alienmelon I know! I haven’t actually used any of them for years, but I forget if they really are automated versions of your own idea; I.e. if the program isn’t rendering backfaces because of culling, the grabber can’t pull them. So you do still end up having to reconstruct a mesh and textures from multiple views.

I know at least one of worked by intercepting draw calls but I bet you could also do stuff like reconstructing a scene from the depth buffer etc

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