its my goal to piss off all the Europeans on here

Hello mastodon it's great to be here. Here is a picture of my cat saying enby rights pls give her love and I guess, introduce me to what this place is all about? 🤗 I need some friends!

I wish I could cuddle and kiss all my friends without it being pressured into "something"

I would just like affection, physical touch if u will?

we don't even have to date, can we just kiss and cuddle and go for coffee?

hello mastodon, another platform where I can be bored, lonely and homosexual

I'm fine with being alone but like watching critrole under a blankie whilst cuddling a s/o would be so nice

it should be illegal not to wash your ass when you shower

Sometimes I join websites hoping to find it has the culture of the early internet and it never does

Weird mood, questionable hornyposting 

You ever start reading or thinking about porn and just suddenly you're like "nah I don't want this" and just go back to eating your pie?

Like yeah it's alright but also I'm not into that right now

the existence of bimbo implies the existence of beaven and bell

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