@robdaemon You can say that again. The last few years of the JS/TS ecosystem must have one of the worst churn-to-improvement ratios in industry history. So many projects, such frequent compatibility breakage and still the same hassles from 2015 more or less

One argument against time travel existing is that there should be evidence in the historical record. But I think I'd be hesitant to leave a trace that would seem cringey by the time someone found it. Imagine browsing old burial records and finding a Prof. Chadwick Goffelin-Touchgrass. For fuck's sake, *that's* how we find out? No thank you

Sketch comedy idea: 

Laundry equipment firm exec on trial for running a money laundering scheme through the machines' card readers. Prosecutor is floundering because the whole courtroom is just confused.

Prosecutor: So you selected a quarterly cycle for the liquidated payments?

Defendant: Oh, no, permanent press. Powder detergent. Works every time

@Nonbinussy Solid environmental storytelling with evocative use of shadow. I look forward to your horror game release πŸ˜„

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Do you prefer the word "quinquennial" or "semi-decadal"? Either way, that's about how often I replace my phone. With the new one fully set up, I can continue to enjoy the fringe benefits of my device naming scheme:


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