haven't even gotten nginx to display the synapse page and now I gotta get ready for work :c also fuck the naming of this project. gotta be pretty specific with my search terms because Matrix, Synapse and Element are also names of different more commonly searched for things. *very frustrated IT person noises*

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lets setup a matrix sever, how hard could it be? very hard apparently...maybe I should just stick to Teamspeak.

Maybe I've played to much Apex Legends the last months.

Joke, Political, not current 

Nazi Punks? We call that an oxymoron. …Actually, just a moron.

tried awesome WM, wasn't that awesome so far. To be fair maybe my system is to blame since that Arch installation a year ago was pretty messy and I never went back to fix it.

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New Season seems to get spicy. Just got hired as a freelancer for the next 3 days by a potential employer. Worst case I get paid for 3 days of work best case I get paid for 3 days of Work and finally get a job.

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really tempted again to install a tiling windows manager,

Feeling a bit like I'm living in a TV Show, but the next season isn't out yet and last season ended on a bunch of cliffhangers.

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My 13 year old is asking for information about anarcho-communism. Anyone have any good sources of information I should share?


The sharpest tool in this whole damn kitchen are the damn spoons.


hope the concert I'm working at tomorrow will have free beer for employees again. It's my second favorite thing about working those gigs, right after getting paid to go to concerts.

I should really start practicing Spanish again and maybe try French once I'm semi fluent in Spanish.

mhh kinda wanna set up a Mastodon, Owncast and maybe even a PeerTube instance but doing so on my current server would be a lot more work than I'm willing to put into said server at the moment. Mainly cause my users for the services currently running on there are all over the place and I would need to tighten security.

So I now have to migrate a Cloud and E-Mail solution for a non profit from G-Suite to another platform. The platform needs to be as cheap as possible (ideally free like G-Suite used to be) and must be easy enough to maintain because our volunteers usually aren't too tech-savvy. Any advice appreciated.

Still dreaming of having a Electric Van with Photovoltaic Panels on the roof that are efficient enough to charge my EV's batteries while covering my daily electricity needs and just living a nomadic lifestyle sometimes alone sometimes in a group/as a caravan.

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There are 0 cases in which a cis doctor knows better than a trans patient wanting to start HRT

There are 0 cases in which a cis doctor should be gatekeeping trans meds

There's literally no reason to gatekeep it tbh. If someone's a consenting adult and can prove they understand HRT, they should get it.

sort of fixed the Latte Issue that wouldn't let me open my grouped Windows from my dock. still gotta look into it should the Issue still be there once I reboot my System tomorrow. But for now I have a work around (besides alt+tab obviously)

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No I totally didn't just spend about 8 hours creating a slightly worse version of my already existing Avatar but with a pride background and slightly different line art.

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