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I'm imagining a social network based on time shifting. You pick an experience you want to share with the internet, and then you basically livetweet while it unfolds. You begin whenever you choose. You can see things written by people who started earlier, and you can leave messages for those who come after.

The experience might be watching a movie, reading a book, traveling, getting high, watching a sunset, grieving a loss, going on a hike, making a cake, whatever.

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I'm a middle aged queer techie mom with leftist/anarchist politics who nevertheless works in finance helping make capitalism go.

I enjoy sculpture, science, systems, languages, biking, electronics, and AI.

I am passionate about fighting structural discrimination, reducing fossil fuel use, and hacking capitalism to fight inequality.

If gods are real, then I worship the god of light breezes.

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I expected to find people actively breaking shit and traveling to DC to riot in response to the Roe leak. Instead the liberals are waiting for Planned Parenthood to organize a march, and the anarchists are just sucking their teeth!?!

Jesus Fucking Christ, we're doomed if we keep following the rules when the rulemakers only became rulemakers because they cheated, and they're actively sabotaging the entire game.

Fight! Fight like lives are at stake! What is WRONG with you?!

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I want to create a kind of without waiting for the government to do it. It would fund itself via capitalism, like this:

1) buy stocks
2) the stocks generate profits
3) reinvest enough to match inflation
4) give the rest to random people

I'm very interested in your thoughts about this scheme.

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Refineries are the crucial weak link for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Given that nearly all Western politicians advocate market-based solutions, reducing refinery capacity should be the priority for all climate activists. It makes drilling less profitable AND makes fuel more expensive.

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I'm really hoping I'm off by a thousand or a million somewhere in there

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In 2021 we emitted about 36 billion tons of CO2.

That's 9 billion tons of carbon.

That's 15 billion cubic meters of wood.

Visualize all the land on earth, covered with solid wood 10 meters high.

Now take all that wood and light it on fire.

Then do it again next year, but slightly taller.

improvising in the key of A minor is helping me express my feelings

I've been cancelling all my work meetings one by one because the rage is not subsiding.

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The trans law has finally been approved in Spain, and will go to Congress soon

Little by little, and there's still much room for improvement, but they're at least moving forward on that end :transgender_flag: :transgender_flag:

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"It follows that the most important ethical and strategic question about any action is not whether it is violent, or legal, or coercive, but rather, how does it distribute power?"

If you live in the US and you have a fair bit of money and you need to leave quickly (say in response to an election that went badly) then you should look into "golden visas".

Portugal and Thailand both offer multi year visas that can convert to citizenship, and are relatively queer friendly places to live. Thailand costs about $65k and Portugal costs €500k. There are plenty of other countries too but it can be difficult to find one that is LGBT friendly and doesn't cost millions.

hey hey
ho ho
this tired ass chant
has got to go

A view from underneath the enormous trans flag at the NYC Queer Liberation March

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Enormous trans flag at the queer liberation march today in NYC.

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It is wise to listen to marginalized groups when they describe their threat model... particularly Trans folks, POC, and women.

They have been threat modelling their entire lives.

They are innately better at it than you. They have to be to be here telling you about it.

So put your shields down, and listen.

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I've been obsessed with reaction videos to Everything Everywhere All At Once since I saw it, and I think I've found my favourite

I need to change how I look, to stop blending in as normal. I can no longer tolerate letting people assume I consent to everything that is happening.

Abolish the supreme court
Abolish the senate
Abolish the presidency
Abolish the prisons

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I know it hasn't sunk in yet, and your still processing it.

But we just lost the Right to control our own bodies. And if you don't have that Right, then what rights do you even have now?

You won't get them back with a ballot box, you won't get them back by calling your representative.

The only way Rights have ever been won, have been through Social Upheaval. Through communities connecting and organizing with eachother. Through brave, yet violent acts of dissent.

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