"Banks use their clients’ deposits to make loans, and since 2015 global banks have lent at least $4.6 trillion to fossil fuel companies. That’s why choosing a bank can be one of the most consequential environmental decisions to make"

@kimbustion From hmm, I think 2006 to 2020 I boycotted all banks.
It was... challenging sometimes. Sometimes even resulting in having to give up on buying stuff I actually needed because some shops now simply don't take cash,
but then again in some of those cases, store staff just donated the things I had wanted to buy to me, because they supported my attempt at boycotting the banks.
When I had to give up, the bank clerk that took my application asked what my "current bank" is and I explained about the boycott to the response "oh, I can understand that!". :-D

Might present overwhelming issues though, so should only be attempted after through deliberation of one's own obligations and such.
But it IS possible. ;-)

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