"People protesting the regressive decisions of an unelected Supreme Court body or the latest police killing are portrayed as uncivil and dangerous, but the policies that kill those uprisings are all too normal. 

Much of the violence we’re used to being inflicted on us is codified in what’s called: the law. The U.S. uses the law to uphold white supremacy and capitalism. Legality is the framework used to secure perpetual injustice."

"We are being systematically ignored by structures that were never meant to serve us, which is why the state and its systems reject even their own reforms.

When mass death happens in the present, such as during Hurricane Katrina, or a neglected pandemic, the state makes the deaths of those who it always systematically kills another mere misstep on the path to progress. It’s not the state failing; it is the state succeeding in its endeavors."

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