Wearing a dress and listening to Yume 2kki OST. Having a massive gender moment rn.

Been a while once again. Got some new works on cittasoundscape.bandcamp.com and avaskara.bandcamp.com . I have my first job as a shopper at whole foods now.

And on a more relevant note to this instance, I bought my first female clothes and am planning on socially transitioning. At least outside of work. Feeling the big gender rn.

I'll compile all my favorite tracks I made in a comp called "Selected Yume Works" on a separate alias or something. I can only hope one day somebody will use my tracks in their 2kki world. That'd be sick to run into that one update.

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things im doing:

I finished my 2020 Good Man in a Storm raw puerh from White2Tea after having it for 2 years. Gonna miss it. Had such a nice sweet strawberry jam taste on the throat and an astringent floralness at the front. A real flavor mullet of a tea.

I haven't had much motivation to make my first LP for videntis.bandcamp.com (epic plug, made $2.33 off that single), so to develop momentum, I will begin work on small ambient loops to commit to Yume 2kki's repository.

i return. i've only made one song on videntis.bandcamp.com :///

im transitioning soon (was supposed to start last year xd)

i got into 90s rave music and japanese jazz fusion

my love for tea has surged and i have a $100 puerh cart built at the momen

and went through a huge family crisis that was resolved by splitting me and my brother's bedroom to two smaller ones

i'm now looking into studying and practicing buddhism. conflicted on whether to go for zen or theravada.


i didn't finish any music :(

i have too many sounds and have no idea what to do with them

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all the web dexed presetsfaf asfgjnaklrwgbrjkl gnvkdslc,vxm/z.,m ewa gfvsd f

...but i don't know how to play keyboard

time for my dragon ball z training arc

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i wanat to carress the keys with m y sliMY nASTy fINGERS

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But now, it has these new notes of pear on the sip and canned peaches on the sides of the tongue. And that strawberry jam note on the throat late in the session gets stronger every time I have this tea.

With a cha qi that makes me want to beat the shit out of cops and fascists alike, this is the perfect tea to celebrate the convictions of that piece of shit, godforsaken human filth Derek Chauvin.

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Gonna have some of white2tea's 2020 Good Man in a Storm sheng puerh to sort of celebrate Derek Chauvin's convictions. I pick this one specifically as the proceeds of this tea went to BLM charities.

I was shocked last session to find my pumidor actually changing the flavor of the tea for the better over time. When I had this tea for the first time, day it came in the mail, it tasted kinda like sweat (in a good way, but pretty weird still).

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waking up prematurely and getting jacked on enough caffeine to stay up to a normal bedtime gang

bunnies not doing so good 

they're still burned in the back of my eyelids to this day. every time i look to his little shrine we put up next to the cages. i'm only filled with inner horror. i don't want woden to suffer the same fate.

the last bunny is doing fine though. she had diarrhea issues a while back, but that's been ironed out.

these other two, along with the cat need to see a vet soon.

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bunnies not doing so good 

we had a rabbit before these 3 that we "rescued" from this crazy chick who sicced one of her boy toys on us, telling him shit like we kidnapped her, but still let her go outside to work or some dumb shit. mom and dad had to introduce his ass to the ground while me and my brother were asleep upstairs. it's a miracle i slept through that. anyways this bunny before the 3. his blind, deafened face. his gory, swollen eyes the day before his euthanasia...

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bunnies not doing so good 

my male rabbit is an old one and it seems death could be knocking on his door at last. at first, it was simply an issue with his eyes being leaky/dischargey a lot of the time due to the female rabbits licking his face too much, but fast forward to now, after we already made measures to prevent the other rabbits from bathing him, he has two growths on his eye that could get nasty if we don't take him to the vet soon.

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bunnies not doing so good 

i'm uneasy tonight. one of the rabbits has shown depressive behavior this past week and i think i've finally found why when trying to pet her. every minute or so petting her, she stops me to shake her hands off, then stands there, scraping her right paw on the ground a bit.

from my brief research, this could either be a problem with the paw itself or a digestive tract problem, or something causing some sort of pain.

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