It is a truth universally acknowledged that every gay person must know at least one artist, one writer, one dancer, one musician, one criminal, and one sex worker.

girl who overcomes her self esteem issues because she would never put down a woman

Obligatory: obviously it shouldn't be the individual consumer's responsibility to save the fucking planet. But for those of us who want to do *something* and haven't yet figured out exactly how to overthrow capitalism, this is a start.

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when most people in the US talk about "the crime rate" they mean "how scared I feel right now"

Sphynxes are nice for dragon reference because you can see their anatomy better without the fur adding bulk.

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You’d think that a lizard would be better reference for a dragon than a cat, and that’s probably true for some dragon designs. But I find that cats work really well for the style I usually draw.

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Teaching has taught me the importance of being soft in a hard world. I think that's the trait the American police state depends on dying.
Because if we can give any respite to others and to ourselves, we can continue fighting and building solidarity with one another.

Love y'all. ❤️

@schratze @violet Critical support for WoT nerds leaking classified military documents.

God. The worst part of getting a girl’s number?

Waiting for her to respond.

So… at Pride, this random girl took my hand (after my partner ditched me) and we walked all through the booths and flirted and kissed. I got her number after only 15 minutes of interaction…

God, I love being gay.

Problem with being a charming trans girl in a town filled with brewpubs: having to sober up before you invite a cutie over.

What are your politics?
- Anarchism.
Okay, and what is your religion?
- Anarchism.
(sigh) At least tell me if you're a man or a woman!
- Anarchism.

Hate how coming out to my brother effectively means having to tell him “you’re not allowed to vote Republican anymore” if he still wants to be considered family.

Pride isn't for cops and it isn't for corps.


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