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i like the idea of doing favourite video games and franchises so here are mine:
- outer wilds
- spelunky
- deep rock galactic
- crash bandicoot
- tricky towers
- horizon zero dawn
- witcher 3

tv & movies:
- altered carbon
- hitchhiker's guide
- black mirror
- owl house
- steven universe

hit me up if you ever want to chat about those ☺️


Bahn kreidet ♿ fuer Verspätung an und macht es sichtbar fuer alle, obwohl sie ihr Zuege nicht barrierefrei bereitstellt (und in diesem Fall sogar verspätet am Bahnsteig ankommt, der Einstieg nix mit der Verspaetung zu tun hat). #Ableismus


Evakuierung von Menschen im Rollstuhl klappt auch eher so „geht so“. Wir saßen gestern mit drei elektrischen Rollstühlen auf der 2. Etage fest. Glücklicherweise hatten wir nur eine Not-, aber keine Gefahrensituation. 1/x

chronic illness 

The first thing you're warned about by others when you develop a chronic or long-term illness is that people will forget you.

They don't mean to. We call them social cues for a reason. People often need a hook to get to thinking about someone, an excuse to contact them. We can all kinda keep up with injuries or acute illness because there are known dates and timeframes involved. Here's when to send flowers, here's when to drop off food. When you ask how they're recovering, you expect some sort of motion.

When you're sick on a more long-term basis, I guess you stop reaching out because you run out of things to talk about... "that fresh pillowcase sure was nice," "I liked today's third random movie better than the fourth." It's difficult to make new friends or sweet-talk existing ones into new, easier forms of communication without the energy to connect over a shared interest or ability to sustain a real-time conversation. You want company and friends, but it's hard to get people to engage open-endedly and asynchronously. They'll think you are tired and want to be left alone. But what you'll want is comfort and certainty in your connections.

Anyway I have no real point; it's just sad and it's universal. And a lot of people with chronic illnesses are still on full lockdown and lonely or have newly become ill without the benefit of the social support they'd ordinarily have to adjust to drastic changes in lifestyle or ability.

If you are lucky enough to be healthy and want to do something really awesome for someone who isn't, put someone you care about who you know is ill in your calendar and reach out consistently. Send them regular little notes about what is new with you, send uber eats to their door with breakfast on weekends, suggest something for their reading list or just send them some books if they're able to read comfortably, ask if you can pick up anything for a hobby they can still enjoy while you're out, send them a copy of the photos you take that are fun or pretty that you're not putting up anywhere.

Anything. Just... make it recurring. Each text or DM or "I saw this and thought of you" is a treasure.

wegen einer explosion auf einem polizei... spreng... platz? fackelt ab heute der ganze grunewald ab? ich kann nicht mehr leute

Nach einer Explosion auf einem Sprengplatz ist im Grunewald ein Waldbrand ausgebrochen. Es soll weitere Explosionen geben. Die Lage ist noch unübersichtlich. Der Bahnverkehr ist unterbrochen, die Autobahn Avus gesperrt.
Brand im Grunewald nach Explosion - Avus gesperrt

Diese wunderbare grafische Umsetzung der Frage nach dem Sinn gewerkschaftlicher Organisierung made our day! Vielen Dank dafür an unsere Fellow Workers von der #IWW Upstate New York (das sind die ein wenig nördlich von diesen #Wobblies hier: @iwwnyc ;-)👇🖤❤️😍🐈‍⬛👊👍

If you are in the EU and have not yet heard of this vote. There is a European's citizens Initiative for a Universal Basic Income. This is an EU binding vote. . There is only 5 days left and over 700,000 votes still needed. Please vote.

Nice, the #EU gave #Mozilla money to develop an offline, privacy friendly translation engine, and it's been released!

Called it. #Hartz4-Empfänger_innen sollen also zurückzahlen weil das 9€-Ticket ihnen ja Geld spare.

Deutschland muss sterben damit wir leben können.

SGDQ is starting in two weeks and i'm soo hyped 😍 always the best part of the year for me to just chill on the bed and watch some live speedruns

i'm trying to get into producing some music right now and i don't know but is it possible that most music production tools (ableton, lmms, mpc beats) have bad communities?

i mean half the time i need some help i can't find anyone with a similar problem. the other half i find perfectly phrased questions without any answers or all answers missing the point or they're being mean or vague.

are there more open music making communities out there and how do i find them? (pls help?)

was bringt mir das 9 € Ticket? als Schwerbehinderte? Nichts, nur Nachteile und Stress. Ich habe nichts gegen einen gut barrierefrei ausgebauten kostengünstigen ÖPNV. aber so wie es läuft ist es eine Katastrophe. #Barrierefreiheit
#9EuroTicket #Öpnv #Bahn #Teilhabe

Wie 100 Milliarden Sondervermögen für Soziales und Klimaschutz verwendbar wären, haben wir für die neue taz ausgerechnet. Auch unter

Patients shouldn't have to be tactical about how they present their symptoms to physicians.

I'm not here to work 40 hours a week to increase the GDP of the country or increase stock prices.

I'm here to spend nights staring at the 100 billion stars of the Milky Way. I'm here to watch thunderstorms unleash their majestic power. I'm here to watch sunsets and sunrises. I'm here to feel the cool breeze on a summer's day. I'm here to learn and to understand. I'm here as a way for the universe to contemplate itself.

Auch interessant: #Jobcenter bekommt es locker hin, Termine für Ukrainer*innen auf deutsch, russisch und ukrainisch zu verschicken.
Auf arabische Übersetzungen warten wir nach Jahren immer noch.

activision, kotick 

lol some high notes from the activision proceedings shareholder vote

I just saw this in a birdsite thread somebody linked and holy shit.

1) I feel so validated for writing as much shit as I can myself
2) holy shit NPM is 🚮
3) Funny enough, there's a dollar store in Germany that predates the Kik messaging app by almost two decades, which really goes to show how bullshit the whole "this name is mine and must only ever be used by me" corporate mindset is. What are they gonna do, sue a discount store?

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