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4: 00 in in the morning and I can't go to sleep because it's hot but the part that sucks 😞😔 is that if I turn the fan on it's going to make a loud 🔊📢 noise and it might fall off 📴 :lesbian_flag: :sadness: :queer100:

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Haven't been on much except for admin duties but I love you all :blobcat:

Emby is a good app but I hope that is does not stop working when I get to work 💜 :queer100: :blobcataww: :blobnervous:

I have some questions wrt to the January 6 hearings, like do Secret Service agents explode in a puff of logic when the President assaults them?

The revolution band the most amazing beautiful girl on there that purple rain live made number 4

Prince’s pedal board!! I’d be scared to death of that! 😂💜 I'm scared but :blobcataww: :blobnervous:

What is the worst social media platform? (Boost for visibility)

Yesterday June 4, during the yearly #Pride event in #Utrecht, there was a successful Reclaim Pride :newpride: action by some local anarchists! :anqueer_flag: I wish I was there, but I was this weekend visiting the annual anarchist #Pinksterlanddagen. I can't (yet) clone myself. 🤷🏻‍♀️

The Pride was full of commercial boats, and also the police and so called 'enforcers' (police light) where #pinkwashing at maximum speed! 😫

Someone was so nice to share this video with me, where you can see first the so called 'enforcers', followed by the police, who call themself 'pink in blue'. 😠 It's a disgrace and it dishonors the founders of the Pride! Thank you fellow anarchists!

If you don't know anything about Reclaim Pride, I advise you to educate yourself. A simple web search will help you.


#ReclaimPride #LGBTQIA #anarchism #queer

Is it just me.. or does the Fediverse really becoming a second twitter now? Everyone has to have opinions, everyone complains about everything and nothing.. Not to mention the porn-bots and other bullshit xD

@lovesexy88 It's probably going to be my main mobile messaging app

The two 18-year-olds died Tuesday in a rollover crash after they left their graduation rehearsal. They were headed back to school.

“You don’t expect this. We were expecting to celebrate a graduation. And now we’re burying him,” a family member said.

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