Environmental web design & use tips:

* Wherever possible, choose text. Text is by far the most efficient (and as I like to illustrate, universal) medium.
* Make sure everything on your site has a good reason to be there. Avoid frameworks to further this.
* Compress your images & video.
* Especially avoid JavaScript, it adds significantly more processing effort to rendering.
* If you love something, download it. Buy it. Avoid advertising.
* Make sure HTML & CSS downloads fast.

Glad to see my latest post resonating with many members of the open source community.

If you missed it, take a look:

How to pay your rent with your open source project plausible.io/blog/open-source-

Not a subtoot, just a general request:

Please add content warnings or tags to posts regarding covid-19

It's literally everywhere and some people need a rest from it. Filters are extremely unreliable and this is the sort of thing that can ruin someone's day, and forcing people to read about it is unfair

I get that there's a lot going on, but other current events are a discussion on their own. There is absolutely no reason not to add content warnings or tags for things pertaining to covid-19

What are some good talks I can watch about ZFS? Particularly about its design and internals

asking for clothing recommendation (swears) :boost_requested:โ€‹ 

hey, so, with the advent of hot weather, I, a mostly-female-bodied person, would like to take advantage of my usually-assumed-female status to wear some fucking SKIRTS, which let me go out in public with sufficient airflow around my legs that I don't constantly want to die. on the downside, I need pretty big skirts, which can be <st>hard</st> EXTREMELY CHALLENGING to find. like, preferably elastic waist 44-46 inches or therabouts. plus I'd prefer ones that come down to my calves, if not ankles, which means at least 30" long. oh and POCKETS WOULD BE NICE. and just plain solid dark colors, rather than ~*~flowers~*~ and shit. any suggestions for that kind of thing that I can get from, like, online, that costs less than, like, I don't know, $40 each? :|

Hi! Even though I like Twitter it's too "noisy" for me I think. Trying out Mastodon, nice to meet y'all :blobshibesmile: (omg does the custom emojis actually work?! I love them) :heart_pan:


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