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Hiyaa I'm Luna :blobcatreach: (white,minor) I like she/it/mew pronouns and I'm a girl (of the cat variety). Very very gay and extremely :_gaysparkle:
Queer anarchist and criminal. Liberation lies in revolution. Tankie hater, cop x brick shipper. :antifa:
and free software lover,but not very skilled at computers
Devoted car hater, is the best
I like /breakcore/hiphop/rock

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guys, when explaining the #fediverse to new people, just go with the simplest analogy, e-mail. worry about the specifics later. no i don't care if it's not completely accurate, you can make it more "correct" after the fact. you just need to put very basic understanding into new people's heads, you don't need to go

"oh well activitypub is a yoingus sploingus babingyi"

no just say something like

"say you were on outlook, and i was on gmail. we could still send each other emails right? imagine that, but with tweets instead of emails"

i've used this explanation dozens of times, and people always get it.

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anarchism is when your admin forces the misskey cat ears on you :pensivecry:

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#Fediblock for federating with gleasonator dot com and deliberately enabling block evasion

If you have a russian flag in your display name, you might be entitled to a block by @luna

(.. not surprised that person interacted with fascists and is the haha lefties triggered type. why did they constantly like my posts though?)

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corona, pol, subtoot (of a person that’s now blocked, obviously), part caps 

If you think you shouldn’t have to wear a mask when around many strangers, you’re NOT A GOOD ANARCHIST!

(in case it's not obvious: because being a good anarchist entails caring for the people around you without being forced or forcing them anything)

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"Child-rearing doesn't have to be authoritarian and oppressive. We can help guide our children, and develop their capacity to advocate for and assert themselves without being coercive. The best way to protect young people is to protect them FROM the institutions that were supposedly set up to protect them, but ended up hurting them the most."

This is an excellent video that expresses what I think better than I could.

I now have over 1000 posts apparently? This is a huge win for Luna fans

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#Smashy #NoFaceNoCase

Three underage kids smash up and ransack Vidalia Junior High School over the weekend, causing “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in damages and getting everyone two days off school.

Sadly, none of them wore masks and all got identified from the surveillance footage.

Always remember kids, no face no case. Mask the fuck up!

I remember when I still thought the school system will just naturally change. Naive me, it's currently perfect for capitalists, that's why it hasn't changed in hundreds of years, why would it suddenly change?

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Boyinaband's "Don't stay in school" used to hit hard but I'm now realizing that it's not that good, most of the things he mentioned are specific to capitalism/authoritarianism and I don't want to further indoctrinate children, I want to end school
The comments are way funnier though, "he isn't telling people not to actually stay in school guys! there's no such thing as defying authority!!"


In a world without hierarchy, lockdowns would be set by the community and most people would do them out of courtesy for others and to protect themselves. Governments create an issue where those measures are turned into something political. You are strengthening their influence, and that isn't very anarchist.
That also ignores the fact making innocent people suffer is the obvious opposite of anarchy.

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[optimally read in joker voice] Maybe.. this quest is hopeless. No matter how good someone seems, for how long, you can NEVER trust a person with bitcoin in bio

FYI, because apparently I haven't made it clear: If you are in any way against measures that could help reduce COVID-19 infections, you are not welcome on my follower list. Feel free to unfollow, block, all that.

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covid depol negative, caps 

infection rates: *rising exponentially*

government: you don't need to wear a FFP2/N95 mask on public transport (the only remaining mask mandate) anymore, surgical mask is enough


Why is the ball from Portal 2 br*tish

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I found this unintentionally hilarious sidebar in a book from 1971


1. Is too "nice" to be true.

2. Wants to spend time with you alone.

3. Proposes that you be room mates and sleep in the same bed.

4. Writes you love notes as to a sweetheart.

5. Directs the conversation to intimate matters.

6. Wants to touch the private parts of your body.


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