I'm sorry but I can't get rid of the sensitive media thing, the pictures are safe, I tried reuploading them but it didn't work

@luna There should be something in the settings like "mark all my media as sensitive".

Oh I always like seeing grassy tram tracks, they're so beautiful!

@CursedQueen That was it, thank you, I misunderstood what that option meant

@luna @CursedQueen

i am very amused that the grassy tram photos are blurred so it increased my enjoyment 😎

@luna this should be the only allowed form of neatly trimmed grass anywhere

@luna This is beautiful! Where in the world are such wonders?

The first one is in Helsinki, Finland,
The second one is in Rotterdam, Netherlands
The third one is in the Sonian forest near Brussels, Belgium,
The fourth one is in Angers, France

They're in a lot of big European cities, and they're probably illegal in the US

@luna I wish my city was like this ... I hate the fact there's just stones and cement everywhere, nearly no green, it's depressing

@luna i worked in municipal estabilishment, i can only imagine how tiring the maintainence has to be

@hrtgnt @luna

Seems like it would be easy to make a mower/trimmer that just went down the track once a day to keep it all properly shorn.

@luna i wonder how they keep that last one so neatly trimmed

do they just have lawnmower blades on one of the trams

@luna @monsterblue honestly I would die on account of being unable to resist rolling around in that grass regardless of tram activity :metaph:

@Metaph @luna mood tbh. Though hopefully a city like this would have a lot of safe patches of grass and wilderness to roll on too!

@luna that tram in the rain in the forest has a miyazaki feeling to it

@luna I think the first one is from Helsinki! It is a very cool place, I've never been personally but I really should.

@th Pretty, thank you for helping expand my collection of these pics :blobcatowoevil:

@luna there are so many nice ones in the Netherlands, often with bike lanes alongside

@th @luna perfect for getting run over by a tram while riding ur bike lmao

@asa @luna separated bike lanes and tram tracks help avoid collisions

@th @luna but there is no fence, if ur on a bike and fall u die.

btw that looks beautiful not like the shithole I live in.


@th Yes!! I want to move to the Netherlands someday, the people-first city design is like a dream, I love it

@luna I love it. Where is that? (If it is a real place).

1. Helsinki, Finland,
2. Rotterdam, Netherlands
3. The Sonian forest near Brussels, Belgium,
4. Angers, France

@piggo @luna when you want grass, but don't want to pay for the watering system or trucks to do it

@pony @piggo @luna I remember one summer always returning to dorm through Hradčanská in the evening and getting splashed through the tram's open window by the lawn sprinklers.

@dhfir @pony @luna steam trams 🤔

If I remember correctly there actually was a watering tram, maybe they still use it. Somewhere else than the grass pony posted lol
@piggo @dhfir @luna they have a water tank on their utility tram but obviously it's not enough
@annika Are lawns OK again? I'm here for it if so ♥

My dad was always meadows&scythe&wildflowers and that's great too but lying down in a field of fresh cut grass

@Sandra I like a good lawn! But it's also nice to see xeriscaping and moss and native plants 💚

@annika Into it! I didn't realize that that was what this was ♥

@luna the first one if from right next to where I live and can confirm it's a lovely transit route overall, too. Lot's of lovely sights and fun stops :3

@luna @hexylena oh wow, you’re making me want to move to the Netherlands 🇳🇱

@Snuggle @luna I adore their public transport system, being able to use a single card and go from bus to train to tram to bicycle? Anywhere in the country? Amazing. What a life.

Especially compared with 🇩🇪 where such unified systems aren't as popular and I had to find a ticket machine and check the fare schedule for the city I was in, and N different systems even across a city.

@hexylena @Snuggle @luna the best system I've ever seen for this is just...

... swipe your (paypass) credit card. On the bus. You now have bought a ticket. That's it.

What's also somewhat surprising is that this was in Portland, Oregon, US, of all places.

@ssafar @hexylena @luna Yeah, where I’m from the buses recently switched from *exact change* of £2.40 to instead just accepting contactless card payments / optional top-up smart card

It automatically charges you at the end of the day with the cheapest possible ticket you could’ve bought for your day’s journeys

@luna I have, in fact, fallen in love with a tram just now.

@luna Haha and of course the #Brussels tram rides through the rain :)

@luna it’s also good for the trams because it tickles their bellies and they like that :)

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